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 As a consultant to small business I have promoted Quick books for the past 14 years.

Overall the software is excellent and it does an excellent job of tracking your business finances.

The original cost of the program is very inexpensive, even if you upgrade every year you will spend less then $200/year.( I recommend upgrading every 2nd or 3rd year )

Even though Intuit charges extra for Add On services (such as support, payroll, off site backup, etc) these are still reasonable priced for the service you get. In the end you should only be paying for the services you need. ( While there are cheaper alternatives for many of Intuit's services, in some cases it may be worthwhile to do it all through Intuit.)


be very careful when dealing with Intuit.

Today I tried to reorder checks. It took almost 30min on the phone, and in the end the sales rep signed me up for 2 additional services that I had specifically told him I wasn't interest in.

It took me over an hour to cancel those services. (3 phone calls)

I continually have problems when dealing with Intuit's customer support(not Tech support). While eventually they correct the problems, it always seams to take a while. I usually do something like clean out my email while I am waiting on hold to be transferred to the person that can fix the problem.

When dealing with Intuit always double check your order, and double check what intuit is charging you.

I recently found that Intuit had been charging a client for 2 payroll subscriptions each year(Even though they were both for the same tax ID number and one subscription hadn't had any activity for 3 years).

Be patience and very clear on the phone. The will continually try to up sell you services.

Also I would not recommended that you buy any supplies from Intuit, they are expensive and the pressure to add on services is very annoying.
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