QuickBooks Online Login

In this fast-growing world, you need to finish most of your tasks in lesser time. You have to ensure the smooth and regular running of your business process. You can’t deny the fact that there is a cutthroat competition to survive in the business environment. So, due to this competitive situation in the market, you are pushed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your business and you agree that finance management is also a crucial part of any business. Stay with this article as we are going discuss all about QuickBooks online login.

If you are new at QuickBooks you should create a QBO Intuit login account first. So, follow the steps mentioned below to create a new QuickBooks/Intuit account.

  1. Visit QuickBooks online login page

  2. Then, look for the ‘Create a new account’ button and click on it

  3. Now, provide your details i.e. name, mobile number, and set a safe password for your account

  4. Then, click on the ‘Create Account’ button to move on to the next step

  5. Now, confirm your mobile number

  6. Then your QuickBooks account creation process will be finished successfully

Note: Once you finish going through the above steps your QuickBooks account will be ready for QuickBooks online login process. So, let’s head to the Intuit login steps.

Steps for QuickBooks Login

To log in to your QuickBooks account you will need to use your login credentials so make sure that you have memorize them properly.

  1. Visit QuickBooks online login page by using your web browser

  2. Now, enter your QuickBooks login ID

  3. Then, click on the ‘Sign in’ button to continue

  4. Now, enter your password and click on the ‘Continue’ link

  5. Then, you will be logged in to your QuickBooks account

Note: After completing the above steps you will be able to access QuickBooks features. Now let’s learn how you can add your accountant using QuickBooks online account login.

Steps to Add Accountant to Your Online QuickBooks Account

You will need to authorize your accountant if you want to give him the access to your QuickBooks Online account. You can add your Accountant user, and you will not have to pay any extra charge to Intuit for this. To invite your accountant as a user, go through the steps given below.

  1. Visit QuickBooks online sign-in page using a browser on your device

  2. And login to your QuickBooks account using your login credentials

  3. Now, look at the ‘Gear icon’ at the top right portion of your screen

  4. Then, head to the settings section and click ‘Manage Users’

  5. Now, invite your Accountant under the Accounting Firm section

  6. Click on the ‘Click Accountant’ button

  7. You will have to enter his email addresses and name

  8. Then, click on the ‘Finish’ button to complete the process

Note: Once after finishing the above steps the process to add an Accountant to your online QuickBooks account will be completed. You can add up to two accountants to your Intuit online payroll login account. Invited Accountants can access your QuickBooks online account by using their email ID credentials.

Common Login Errors and Quick fixes for QuickBooks Online

  • Sometimes while logging into the account we keep trying frequent login attempts that may result to show login error for your QuickBooks Online account. So, make sure that you are entering your login credentials correctly.

  • May be user ID admin is already logged into the company file. So, try to check it.

  • Maybe you are facing a slow internet issue so you can check the network connection status of your device to avoid any login error.

  • If you are getting a webpage that could not be found error then it may be because of an invalid site URL

  • “QBO is temporarily unavailable”- this error you might see because of a server problem so wait for a while as it may automatically be fixed.

Note: These are few common QuickBooks login errors that can be fixed easily on your own. Besides this, if you are experiencing any other issue then you can directly call QuickBooks customer services.


In short, QuickBooks online login is an easy and simple process. You can also add an accountant for your online QuickBooks account by going through this article as we have discussed all the points step by step. For more information, you can visit the official website of QuickBooks/Intuit. To start using the fast services of QuickBooks/Intuit software visit the official website. Create a new account and do QuickBooks online login by going through the steps.