Poultry Menus

If you need menu ideas, look below for a variety of menus using recipes from the Quick & Healthy Cookbooks. Print the pdf for Poultry Menus and eat the Quick & Healthy way today!

Yogurt Cumin Chicken*
Fresh Carrots (microwave or raw)
Baked Potato

Chicken and Pea Pod Stir-Fry*
Angel Hair Pasta

Chicken Breasts Florentine*
Herb and Vegetable Rice Blend*

Chicken Tortilla Casserole*
Thick and Chunky Salsa*
Raw Vegetable Sticks

French Glazed Chicken*
Quick-Cooking Brown Rice or Noodles
Greek Salad*

Oven Fried Chicken*
Ranch Beans*
Gourmet Cucumbers*

Chicken Breasts Supreme*
Fettucini Noodles
Mixed Vegetables

Chicken Enchiladas*
Spanish Yogurt Sauce*
Orange and Grapefruit Slices

Mexican Style Chicken and Rice*
Sliced Fruit

Polynesian Chicken*
Pasta of your choice or Quick Cooking Brown Rice
Zucchini, Tomato & Onions*
Pineapple Chunks

Hawaiian Chicken Salad**
Raw Vegetable Slices
Chicken Cordon Bleu**
Creamy Mashed Potatoes**
Green Bean Sauté**

Chicken Chop Suey**
Quick-Cooking Brown Rice

Chicken á la King**
Drop Biscuits**
Brussels Sprouts (microwave)

Patio Chicken and Rice**
Orange Wedges

Chicken Parmesan**
Tossed Salad

Teriyaki Chicken Breasts**
Barbecued Potatoes**
Grilled Vegetable Medley**

Black Bean and Chicken Casserole**
Citrus Salad**

Roast Chicken and Vegetables**
Cranberry Sauce

Chicken Chili**
Celery and Carrot Sticks

Chicken and Spinach Salad*
Italian Focaccia Bread*

Turkey French Dip*
Basil Tomatoes*

Chicken Stir-Fry Sandwich**
Waldorf Salad**

*Indicates recipe is from Quick & Healthy Recipes and Ideas - Third Edition, © Brenda J. Ponichtera, Dietitian, Small Steps Press

** Indicates recipe is from Quick & Healthy Volume II – 2nd Edition, © Brenda J. Ponichtera,
Dietitian, Small Steps Press