Renters Beware

Scam Alert
Beware of scamers reposting adds at lower prices.  
If you notice any adds that DO NOT have a phone number advertised, this is most likely a scam.  
If you can't meet with them, don't do business with them.  Never wire money to anyone! Beware of Out Of Country owners.

    You know the saying, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is?  It can't be more true when it comes to renting a house.  There are a lot of scams out there and I would like you to know a couple things that might protect you and keep you from losing money.  Watch the video above and report any scams that you find.  

Visit for helpful information about scams.  
     A good rule of thumb is to look for contact information.  Those blind adds, or adds without a full name and contact information (i.e. US phone number), could be a sign of a scam.  All properties that are listed through a real estate company must have, by law, that company's name and the listing agent's last name on the advertisement.  You should know, without question, that you are calling a real estate company.  Working with a real estate company is not a bad thing.  The common misconception is that it's harder to go through a real estate company is just that, a misconception.  Truthfully it's one of the easiest and safest way to find you next home.  If you do work with the owner of a property, make sure you can talk to them over the phone or better yet in person.  Try to get their full name then do some research.  Property appraisers web site is a great place to start. Search for the property address and make sure the person your talking to is actually the owner of record. Do not be afraid to ask for prof of ID (i.e. drivers license or copy of a utility bill.) This will ensure you that they are the owner.  

Most common Rental scams Visit
    Other things that you might want to be aware of is Foreclosure Properties and those which might have Chinese Drywall. The best thing I can tell you here is to do your homework.  Research what to look for when it come to Chinese Drywall, also where to look up property status when it comes to Foreclosures. Click on Check the status of an owner and follow instructions for help with this.   I'm sad to say that not all owners are truthful about these issues.  Quest Real Estate Solution is a small family owned company.  Our reputation is what makes us successful. We do a complete inspection of the property and a back ground check of our owners to make sure that you will not be affected by these issues if we can help it.  We will look out for you, and be completely open and honest with you to the best of our ability. 
    Thank you for the time you have taken reading the message.  I hope that it helps you in finding your next home.  If you have any questions, please call us.

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Check your Home for Chinese Drywall
Check your Home for Chinese Drywall

If your home was built or remodeled after 2003, there is a chance that your house contains toxic Chinese drywall. What is toxic Chinese drywall? It is a building material imported to the United States during the building boom a few years ago, which contains an unsafe level of sulfur. This toxic Chinese drywall has not only led to damage of appliances in homes, but presents serious health problems as well, including headaches, nose bleeds, couching, trouble breathing and asthma. Here is how to check your home for Chinese drywall.

Difficulty: Easy
  1. Step11

    Start by removing the switch plate covers around your home. Any place where you have a light switch or outlet will do. There will be a bare copper wire inside the box under the plastic cover. If you can see the bare shiny copper, your house most likely does not contain Chinese drywall. However, if the copper wire is blackened, this is a sign that your house contains toxic Chinese drywall.

  2. Step2

    Check your circuit breaker, often found in the basement or garage of your home. Again, look at the bare copper wires in the box. Shiny copper is a sign of no toxic Chinese drywall, but blackened copper means you very well may have toxic Chinese drywall in your home.

  3. Step3

    Try to get a look at the back side of the drywall in your home. This can be accomplished by going up the attic and looking at the backside of the ceiling drywall, or in a crawl through or other place in your home that exposes the backside of drywall. Look for the words "Knauf", "Knauf Tiajin" or "Made in China" on the back of the drywall. Any of these is an indication that you may have toxic Chinese drywall in your home.

  4. Step4

    Lastly, consider getting either a home inspection, or a less expensive and more convenient alternative, a Chinese drywall testing kit. A good kit is available from This will allow you to test your own home for the presence of toxic Chinese drywall.

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