4. Develop Questions

Develop Questions

Plan questions that will help students respond to what the author says and means.

  • What is this text implying about Hopper’s work?
  • Who is interpreting Hopper’s works and their meanings? 
  • In the first paragraph the author is stating Hopper’s purpose in creating his paintings.  What does Hopper mean when he states, “I am hoping that ideas less easy to define have, perhaps, crept in also.”
  • Can you rephrase the first sentence, “Hopper’s paintings do not lend themselves readily to analysis.”?
  • Is the author being clear when he states, “As modern art grows increasingly subjective, the traditions and conventions which formerly permitted of generally valid, relatively objective judgment becomes blurred.”?
  • What is the traditional cannon the author is referring to in the second paragraph?
  • Can you define these terms:  subjective, homely, commentaries, introspectiveness, motifs, multifarious, multifaceted, protagonists. 
  • What additional text and items would be useful to help define what the author is stating?
  • After reading the first paragraph, skip to the third paragraph and analyze the authors intent of this sentence: “Hopper coaxes the viewers of his pictures into certain roles or attitudes that actually have very little to do with feeling.”
  • Who is this author and what is his background?
  • When was this book published?