QueScript brings a concise standard in scripting

QueScript is simple:    QueScript views everything as a query.  A program make a query and get or set the content from the query.  You can use QueScript to query files, registries, web pages, search engine results, security settings, web services, etc. It woks just like a human being, QueScript requires programmer simply "ask for things they like".

QueScript is Collection-Oriented:    QueScript select a group of files, web resources or objects by a query statement. Subsequent commands are target for the selected group.  It allows programmers concentrate on the group behavior instead of individual behavior.

QueScript is Domain based:     QueScript uses "protocol" to differential different types of resource, for instance, "file://" stands for local files, "http://" stands for web pages, "google://" stands for search results from google, etc.

QueScript uses the Javascript technology:    QueScript is firstly designed as a Javascript library and there is a plan to convert it into Java platform where Rhino has been properly set up.  The current version of QueScript is expected to run on Microsoft Window Script 5.7 but it should be properly in Most of the Window Platform.  Email to me if you have any problem in running the QueScript. 

QueScript is extensible:    QueScript is extensible in a way that programmers are free to add any protocol or plugin. If you are interested in adding new protocol or plugins, please visit our authoring guide.

The QueScript is in the preliminary design phrase, you can subscribe the QueScript blog if you are interested in the development of this scripting language. And, if you want to know more about the ideas of QueScript, visit the "Ideas of QueScript" from the QueScript workspace.

How QueScript works

Please go to the page, "How QueScript works"

Download QueScript

The download page of QueScript in Google Code.

Difficulties in viewing homepage, blog or downloading

Visit the "Difficulties in Viewing and Downloading" page in QueScript Workspace.

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