Most of my time is spent doing articles for magazines and newspapers. Often it's the editors who come up with the story ideas. Other times, it's me pestering them.
The writing is usually a braid of natural history, landscape, people, personal experience and issues.
In the case of Wild I also have a regular column - The Wild Life - that's been running for the past 15 years or so. That means I get to scribble about whatever is on my mind as the deadline arrives. Here are some of the articles from recent years:

from Immersion Therapy

"It takes just a few dozen strides for the forest to grab you. It reels you into a world of green on green, a world that is not so much a place as a play of sensations. Travelling the forest depths, all familiar points of reference - landmarks and horizons, shifts in wind direction, the angle of the sun, the drift of clouds and the register of distant sounds - are gone. You might get a faint change in light or odd wafts of moving air but none of this adds up to much. Instead it’s all foreground, new growth on old, a fantasia of leaf shapes, scaly bark, strange plants and trickling, gushing sounds."

Australian Geographic
Jagged Beauty, (Flinders Ranges) - October 2007
Digging Up Pasties . . . - October 2007
Accidental Birder - April 2008
Early Warning (Tweed Volcano region) - July 2008
The Painted Trail (SA's Heysen Trail) - July 2009
The Fertile Desert - Simpson Desert - October 2009

Wild Magazine
Wilderness With Ensuite - 111 January 2009
Finding Your Way . . .  -112 April 2009
Sticks & Stones - 113 July 2009
In Our Nature - 114 October 2009
Walking with Beasts - 115 January 2010
Getting Grounded -116 March 2010
ollowing the Grain -117 May 2010
Into The Woods -118 July 2010
Cape Walking -119 September 2010
Rock Legend - 120 November 2010

Outdoor Australia
Our Magnetic North July 2008