Research Scientist

Visual Effects – Immersive Lab

InterDigital Research

975 Avenue des Champs Blancs, 35576 Cesson-Sévigné

Recruiting students

        I am always looking for interns and motivated students. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in working in Visual Effects research and especially on facial animation and geometry processing. Please find more information on these internships here.


  • 2019-09: Our demo Digital Double was awarded Best of Show at IBC, Amsterdam ! Link
  • 2019-08: The team will be at IBC in Amsterdam demoing our Digital Double technology from Sept 13th to 17th!
  • 2019-07: I'll be attending Siggraph in Los Angeles, USA, demoing our Digital Double technology in the Cap Digital French Pavilion
  • 2019-05: I'll be presenting my work at the PintOfScience festival on May 20th !
  • 2019-04: I'll be attending FMX in Stuttgart, Germany, demoing our Digital Double technology
  • 2019-03: I'll be attending IEEE-VR in Osaka, Japan and presenting on Wednesday, 27 March, Session 28
  • 2019-02: Adèle Colas has joined our team as Master intern to work on "Interactive Cage Creation for Facial Mesh Deformation" !
  • 2019-02: Our paper "Automatic Generation and Stylization of 3D Facial Rigs" has been accepted to IEEE-VR 2019 as a full paper!
  • 2019-02: Nicolas Olivier has joined our team as a new Phd student!