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Episodes Released Twice per Month

Pre-roll: This 15-second spot opens the podcast. Usually, it has more of the traditional audio ad feel than the mid-roll, which can be more casual. 

    One Episode: $49.99  & Two Episodes: $79.99

Mid-roll: These 30 to 60-second segments occur periodically throughout the episode. 

    One Episode: $99.99  & Two Episodes: $149.99

Offer code: Most podcast ads offer listeners a unique promo code, which allows sponsors to track how many conversions they're getting.

    Pre-roll w/Offer Code: One Episode: $69.99  & Two Episodes: $99.99 

   Mid-roll w/Offer Code: One Episode: $119.99  & Two Episodes: $179.99

Outro: The final part of a podcast, during which the host can urge listeners once again to try out the company ("Don't forget to use offer code Take30 to receive 20% off your first Wayne purchase") or simply remind them of the sponsorship ("Thanks to Wayne for sponsoring this episode.")

Any of the above with the addition of the "Outro":  Additional $49.99/ Episode


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