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Chela Gurnee is a a local artist and jeweler who not only has an interesting story but also has a special connection with how she makes each new piece. She is a perfect example of a first generation burqueña.

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Nicole and I both almost cry during this episode because we realized how grateful we are for this podcast and how important self care and love is for one's own well-being.

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Many people may not have access to the arts like some of us do so this podcast is an attempt to change that by profiling interesting artists, musicians, entertainers, etc. that call New Mexico home. 
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Albuquerque based production company.

    We focus on media productions, be it film or the  Land of Enlightenment Podcast with Host 
Oscar Durán. The mission is to take a look at the common human and the human condition.  
Capturing it in all its authentic beauty.

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