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Belfast is served by two airports, Belfast International Airport (BFS) which EasyJet, Flybmi and Jet2 use and Belfast City 
Airport (BHD) which Air Berlin, British Airways and Flybmi use. Also there are direct flights from New York run by 
 Continental Airlines and from Toronto and Vancouver by budget Zoom airline. 
Belfast City Airport is situated to the north of the city whilst Queen's University is slightly south of the centre. A taxi to the 
university area will cost around £7. Belfast International Airport is approximately 17 miles (27km) from the centre of Belfast.  
A taxi from there to the university area will cost around £30. There is a bus service, which runs every 10 minutes between 
Monday and Friday, approximately every 20 minutes on Saturdays and every 30 minutes on Sundays and costs £6 single 
or £9 return, between the international airport and the Europa Bus Station. From there a taxi to QUB costs around £4.
Also for citizens of EU and other countries without visa obligation, it is possible to fly into Dublin airport. Some airlines 
that fly to Dublin Airport are Aer Lingus, Ryanair and Air France. There is a bus every hour between Dublin airport
and Belfast (Europa Bus Centre) with a journey time of approximately two and a half hours. For more information visit 


The currency in use in Northern Ireland is the British Pound Sterling. Although some larger stores will accept the Euro, 
smaller stores, taxis, bars etc will not. Both of the Belfast airports have a Bureau du Change, but the only places that you 
can exchange currency easily in the university area are banks, which open Monday to Friday from around 9:30am to 
3:30pm most days.


As Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, if you are not an EU passport holder then you should check at 
UK Visas whether you need a visa for UK entry and to find out how to apply for one. 
If you are planning to travel within the Republic of Ireland as part of your visit to Ireland, you should check with the 
Department of Foreign Affairs whether or not you need a visa for the Republic of Ireland and to find out how to apply for one.

Useful Links:

The main Queens University Belfast web site has a wide selection of relevant maps, ranging from a map of the 
university campus to one showing the relationship of Belfast to nearby parts of the British Isles. Here also is a 
more detailed map of central Belfast and where Queen's Univeristy Belfast located.
There is plenty of tourist information about the island of Ireland available on the web. These are good starting points 
for Northern Ireland (or look here for downloadable  Maps and Brochures) and for the Republic of Ireland.