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Private Fees

Examination £35                                      
Teeth Whitening (Home Kit)

Small X-ray

Crowns (Bonded) per unit

Hygienist visit (From)

Crowns (No Metal)per unit
Silver Fillings (From)
Post Crowns

White Fillings (From)

Veneers (From)

Full Plastic Dentures

Fixed Bridge (Bonded) per unit
Partial Metallic (Cobalt chrome)
Fixed Bridge (No Metal)per unit

Root Fillings (Per Canal)

Emergency Fee



Metal Braces (single arch)

Sedation (per session)

£395 (approx)
Metal Braces(dual arch)

Dentomycin Treatment      

Invisible braces (From)

Periodontal & Implant Assessment

CT Scan (from)                                  Periodontal (surgical)                               
£75        £99                                                      £740                                            Implants (Starting from)


Periodontal (non-surgical)           Bone grafting (from)                  
£1500 £245



Maxillary Sinus Grafting  Diagnostic Wax-Up & Surgical Guide                                      





Soft Tissue Grafting           £700 Home Visits (contact practice)

Botox One area (example - smile lines, crows feet, glabellar (frown) lines, 
forehead, brow lift) cost 129.00 
Two areas (any combination) costs £199.00 
Three areas (any combination) costs £278.00 

This depends on the number of syringes used. The cost for one syringe is £220.00, 
two syringes is £360.00 and three syringes £495.00

The number of syringes required varies - for lips or under eyes, 
often only one syringe is required.
For cheek plum or noselip lines usually two or three syringes are required.