Queen's Secularists and Inquirers Mission Statement

A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it - Oscar Wilde
Queen’s Secularists and Inquirers (QSI) strives to present various secular world views as a moral and real option for Queen’s students, and to provide a community and positive space for those with secular views.

We offer a forum to discuss the limitations of human understanding, the difficulties of the human condition, and provide a critical viewpoint on the advantages and disadvantages of religious faith. We promote human inquiry and dialogue in place of dogmatic thinking, education in place of appeal to authority.

As people living in 21st century, we feel that it is now more essential than ever to transform the multi-faith dialogue on campus to a conversation between different world views. What matters is not which god to believe in, but how to understand and interact with the world in which we live. QSI offers a new definition of secularism on campus, and commits to an active celebration of the human capacity for personal integrity.