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"If These Trees Could Talk"....

posted Mar 31, 2012, 11:02 AM by EM M   [ updated May 7, 2012, 3:51 PM ]


Imagine being a tree in Tavistock Queen's Park.  I wonder how many reunions, company picnics, regular picnics have been held there over the years?  How many

buckets of potato salad, deviled eggs and pitchers of home-made lemonade have those trees witnessed being served under the trees of Queen's Park?


From a child's view, preparing for a family picnic wasn't always something to look forward to.  You had to dress up and have your hair done just right after enduring a bowl cut or the agony of having your hair wound tightly in rags or curlers the night before. And before you could leave the house you had to face the humiliating spit-wash from Mom.  Oh, so gross!


Once you passed inspection and arrived at the park you had to face the inevitable comments from the older relatives: "I haven't seen you since you were a baby" and  "My you've grown!".  Why do all elderly people say the same thing all of the time?  I'm a kid, we all grow and get older every year.  And do they have to pinch my cheeks on top telling me things I already know?  How much longer until we eat, and do I have to wait forever for dessert?


The trees in Queens Park have seen this scenario played out so many, many times, they must have developed a sense of humour by now.  Imagine standing there watching the routine unfold, no matter whose family is taking part today. 


Why, as a parent, would you want to deprive your child of this experience?


The first phase of The Royal Reno at Queens Park includes building a new pavilion that will house all of the facilities you need to have a successful family reunion.  A new and larger building with washrooms and a shaded area may entice even the grumpiest of great-great uncles to attend!


Please give generously to The Royal Reno fundraising campaign.  Give the trees something to talk about again.  And give your kids and grandkids the chance of a family reunion so they in turn, can payback their children with the experience that does last a lifetime.


Jane McGrath
Marketing - Queen's Park Pavilion - The Royal Reno