2013 Queensland Paragliding Championships  
This is a HGFA Sanctioned B competition aimed at providing a platform for the local Club member to venture into the new and sometimes daunting field of competition paragliding. It serves the purpose of uniting the entire SEQLD flying community and bringing together the great people and clubs as well as showcasing the wonderful sites we have available in the region. We encourage novice to advanced pilots to take part.


This year will the championships will be held over a total of 12 possible task days. 
Four (4) task days will be held on 4 weekends (Sunday) between May and September. The weekends will be organised in a fly-in format across both the saturday and sunday of that weekend. One day serious flying (sunday) the other - senior pilots and instructors will assist lower airtime pilots as a practice day(saturday). Many senior pilots and instructors have already volunteered to hold skill clinics on key subjects like: flying competitions, flying new sites, instrument skills, dealing with busy skies, flying the canungra cup, and much more.  
Eight (8) days within the Canungra Cup will be scored within the Qld Champs - dates to be advised.
The four (4) weekends are as follows:
May 4/5                 Toowoomba Club
June 22/23            Canungra Club 
August 10/11         Canungra Club
September 14/15 - Killarney Club


The Competition is open to all clubs pilots from: embers from the following clubs are invited to participate:






Pre-Register Now Fill out my form! . Ensure you have downloaded the waypoints found on this site. Please turn up at the briefing location on time, Saturday morning.
(1) You must bring a "signed QLD Champs waiver" - no waiver no score 
(2) Pay local site fees, and local landowner waivers if required (eg Killarney Dor)
(3) Comfirmation of Safety, Task, and Protest Committee Members
Scoring for the competition will be done using Airscore and pilots will be required to upload their tracklogs after each task to Highcloud 
Waypoints can be downloaded via the corresponding link: Waypoints  


RECENT HISTORY                                                    


Ian McFarlane
2012 - Champ
Our ageless Champion
Geoff Sexton
2011 - Champ

Geoff Sexton
2010 - Champ

 Ivan Anissimov
2009 - Champ
Lloyd Pennicuik
2008 - Champ
 Geoff Sexton
2007 - Champ