Intercity Express (ICE)

ICE 152 at Roma Street August 2010

Walkers-ABB InterCity Express (ICE) QR introduced the ICE sets in 1988, for use on the North Coast Line between Brisbane and Rockhampton. The service was named the 'Spirit Of Capricorn' and boasted 2+1 seating, and a trolley service. It reduced the journey time by a few hours when it was first introduced. In 1998, the QR Electric Tilt Train has been introduced, and reduced travel times even further on the 'Spirit Of Capricorn' route. This reduced the 'Spirit of Capricorn' service to once a week between 1998 and 2003. The last 'Spirit Of Capricorn' service ran on the 24th May 2003, in conjunction with the Launch of the Diesel Tilt Train service to Cairns. The ICEs were transferred to Citytrain for interurban services on the Nambour & Gympie North Line.

The trains have recently undergone a makeover, adding new high visibility lights, yellow doors, upgraded toilets and a changed to squared off windows on the cabs, instead of the original wrap around windows.

ICE 153 near Roma Street Station, May 2008

Unit Numbers151 - 158
Delivery of Fleet1988 - 1989

Passenger Information
Video Surveillance - Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)Yes
Passenger Emergency Communication SystemNo
Public Address SystemYes
Auto Voice Announcement SystemNo
Air ConditioningYes
Toilet Facility Yes
Luggage Racks Yes
Baby Change FacilityNo

Technical Information
Length (3-car set)96.6m
Tare Weight (3-car set)194 t 
Maximum Speed120 km/h
BrakingBlended Regenerative electric and electro-pneumatic
Door Operation Manual opening/automatic closing swing door
Seating Capacity (3-car set)180
Service Standing Capacity (3-car set)344
Total Service Capacity (3-car set)524



 In service

 1988 with Traveltrain - 2003
1998 with Citytrain - Current

Unit Numbers 
151 - 158
20 carriages (151-158)
8x 2-carriage power pairs,
4x trailer carriages
 Delivery of Fleet
1988 - 1989
 Video Surveillance - Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
 Auto Voice Announcement System
 Air Conditioning
 Length (4-car set)
 Maximum Speed
120 km/h
Blended dynamic electric and electro-pneumatic
 Seating Capacity (4-car set)
 Service Standing Capacity (4-car set)
 Total Service Capacity (4-car set)

ICE 153 at Roma Street in January 2010
ICE 158 leaving Roma Street in January 2010
ICE 152 at Roma Street in August 2010
ICE 158 leaving Roma Street in August 2010
ICE  158 at Roma Street in August 2010
ICE 156 at Corinda Station in the 90's
photo taken by Craig Watkins

ICE 157,155 at Tennyson Station, November 2009

Cab of ICE No.155 

ICE 155

ICE 154 at Campbell Street Rail Crossing October 2009

ICE 154 at Eagle Junction October 2009
ICE 157 at the Exhibition Station November 2009
ICE 155 at Nambour Station November 2009