2000 Class "The Silver Bullet"

The first two car 2000 Class Railmotor was introduced onto Queensland Railways in 1956. The prototype was built at the Ipswich Railway Workshops. One car was a passenger only vehicle with a seating capacity of 54and the second unit had seating for 42 with a 100 square feet capacity luggage compartment. These units,numbered 2000 and 2001 were sheeted in satin finished aluminium and fitted with a 125 hp A.E.C. diesel motor.A further ten pairs of these units were ordered from Commonwealth Engineering, Rocklea in 1959. 

These units differed in that they were fitted with 150 hp diesel motors and were sheeted in stainless steel. A further five pairs were ordered from Commonwealth Engineering in 1963.These units were very popular being easy riding and pleasant to travel in, even though they were not air conditioned. They were used extensively around the State being equally at home on suburban workings in Brisbane or on country branch lines. They could be operated singly as well as in pairs. The driving compartment was at one end of each vehicle which had a rounded end and no coupling which meant they could only be coupled back to back in pairs. If operating as a single unit the driving end had to be at the front and the unit would have to be turned at the end of its run. 

An example of this type of service in 1963, was a two-car unit from Cairns to Kuranda where the rear car was detached and made the return trip to Cairns. The lead unit continued on to Ravenshoe where it was turned before returning to Cairns.A further ten units were delivered by Commonwealth Engineering in 1971. Four of these were of a modified design with flat ends, rather than the rounded driving compartment ends of the original vehicles. They were also fitted with couplers and a buffing plate at each end. These vehicles still contained a driving compartment at one end. This arrangement allowed for two car, three car or four car units to be made up giving much greater flexibility. The intermediate driving trailers, unlike the end driving cars, were not fitted with toilets, and were mainly used around Brisbane and on the Helidon co-ordinated service where a higher passenger capacity was required.
2034,2036 at Heildon Station September 2011
2034,2036 at Heildon Station

2034,2036 at Toowoomba Station September 2011

2034,2057,2036 at Spring Bluff Station September 2010

2034,2057,2036 at Spring Bluff Station during a dust storm in September 2009

2036,2057,2034 at Toowoomba Station during a dust storm in September 2009
2036,57,34 at Toowoomba Station

2057 at Spring Bluff Station September 2010

Interior of 2057 September 2010

Cab of 2057 September 2010

2034,2036 at Spring Bluff Station September 2011

2036,2034 at Toowoomba Station September 2011

2034,2057,2036 at Toowoomba Station September 2010
2036,2057,2034 at Toowoomba Station September 2010

Interior of 2034 September 2010

Interior of 2036 September 2010