DH Class

Number in class73
GaugeNarrow (QR, MIM)
900mm (SECV)
Length11.1 m
Mass37 t
EngineCaterpillar D355E
TransmissionVoith L42U2
Power347 kW / 465 HP
Tractive effort114 / 82 kN
Speed50 / 10 km/h

The DH class were used for shunting at yards around Queensland, and saw occasional use on light branch lines as well. DH1 was originally W1, a demonstration unit loaned to QR. Many of the class have been sold; to SECV, MIM, various sugar mills, and to Malaysia and Vietnam.

Locomotive Numbers: DH1-73 

This loco, had the same duties as 5803 (a similar model), shunting at MIM's sidings at Mt Isa. 
In 2001 QR took over shunting, and the loco was auctioned; the buyer being a sugar mill. 

These units were refurbished and regauged to 900mm by Cooks Constructions (hence the class name), and put into use hauling coal on the (now former) SECV's railway between Yallourn and Morwell briquette plant. They replaced the SECV's fleet of electric locos. 
Following Cooks losing the coal haulage contract, 4 of the locos have now been sold again, to sugar mills. Following the introduction of the P class, the remaining 2 locos were withdrawn, and they too have been sold to sugar mills. 

Preserved locomotives:

 No. Location/Owner Status Notes

The Workshops Rail Museum

QR Heritage

 Undergoing restoration 2 is at The Workshops Rail Museum. No.2 will be operational in 2010.

The Walhalla Goldfields Railway, Victoria  



Rosewood Railway Museum


 45 Mary Valley Heritage Railway Operational 
 59 Puffing Billy Railway Victoria Operational  
 71Privately Owned 

Undergoing Restoration 
  72 Mackay 

The Walhalla Goldfields Railway, Victoria 
 73 EDI Downer Rail Walkers

Maryborough, Queensland

Undergoing Restoration 
LocoIn ServiceStatus
DH48/1968Sold to SECV as CC1, In service 8-1993
Sold to Mackay Sugar
DH58/1968Sold to SECV as CC2, In service 8-1993
Sold to Mackay Sugar
DH69/1968Sold to Vietnam
DH79/1968Sold to MIM, In service ?, Renumbered 5804
Sold to Isis Central Mill
DH89/1968Sold to Vietnam
DH910/1968Sold to Vietnam
DH1010/1968Sold to Pioneer Mill
DH1110/1968Sold to CSR Invicta Mill
DH1211/1968Sold to CSR Plane Creek Mill as 1
DH1311/1968Sold to Mulgrave Mill
DH1411/1968Preserved - operational
DH1511/1968Sold to Vietnam
DH1612/1968Sold to Isis Central Mill
DH1712/1968Sold to CSR Victoria Mill (named "Herbert")
DH1812/1968Sold to Isis Central Mill
DH1912/1968Sold to Kalamia Mill
DH202/1969Sold to Isis Central Mill
DH222/1969Sold to Pioneer Mill for spares
DH232/1969Sold to CSR Victoria Mill (named "Clem H McComeskie")
DH242/1969Sold to SECV as CC5, In service ?
Sold to Tully sugar mill
DH253/1969Sold to Racecourse Mill
DH263/1969Sold to Vietnam
DH284/1969Sold to SECV as CC4, In service ?
Sold to Isis sugar mill
DH294/1969Sold to Kalamia/Inkerman Mill
DH304/1969Sold to CSR Victoria Mill (named "Victoria")
DH315/1969Sold to Mulgrave Mill
DH325/1969Sold to Relk Corp., Malaysia
DH335/1969Sold to Vietnam
DH356/1969Sold to Isis Central Mill
DH366/1969Sold to SECV as CC6, In service ?
Sold to Tully sugar mill
DH376/1969Renumbered MMY37
DH387/1969Preserved - operational
DH397/1969Sold to Vietnam
DH407/1969Sold to Tully Mill
DH418/1969Sold to Fairymead Mill
DH428/1969Sold to Vietnam
DH438/1969Sold to Kalamia Mill
DH448/1969Sold to Vietnam
DH469/1969Sold to Proserpine Mill
DH4710/1969Sold to Mulgrave Mill
DH4810/1969Sold to CSR Plane Creek Mill as 2
DH5011/1969Sold to Kalamia Mill
DH5111/1969Sold to Bingera Mill
DH5412/1969Sold to Vietnam
DH551/1970Sold to Relk Corp., Malaysia
DH564/1970Sold to SECV as CC3, In service 8-1993
Sold to Tully sugar mill
DH574/1970Sold to Vietnam
DH585/1970Sold to Vietnam
DH595/1970Preserved - operational (regauged to 762mm)
DH605/1970Sold to Pioneer Mill
DH636/1970Sold to Tully Mill
DH647/1970Sold to CSR Plane Creek Mill as 3
DH657/1970Sold to Vietnam
DH667/1970Sold to Tully Mill as 6
DH677/1970Sold to Isis Central Mill as spares
DH688/1970Sold to CSR Invicta Mill
DH698/1970Sold to Isis Central Mill
DH708/1970Sold to Racecourse Mill
DH No.02 at The Workshops Rail Museum

Early 1974 and DH 29 and van have number four signal at Yeerongpilly towards Moolabin/Corinda.
Taken from del 1201 on 27 July 1977 on S28 ex Shorncliffe. The DH on the Mayne Yard shunt is doing it's bit for king and country.
(C) Larry Matters

DH No.45 at Old Gympie Station, September 2012
(C) Hugh Hartwig

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