2600 Class

The 2600 class were used almost exclusively for the Newlands and Collinsville coal mines, and were based at Pring, near Bowen. They make occasional trips south to Brisbane. The class has been rebuilt in a similar fashion to the 2300 class, for use on the Mt Isa line. This includes an increased weight, and possibly a more powerful engine. 

The 2600 class were withdrawn in late 2011, they were moved to Redbank Workshops awaiting sale. In May 2012 the 2600 class were sold to South Africa Railways.

Locomotive numbers: 2600-2612
Type Diesel-Electric
Introduced 1983
Number in class 13
Manufacturer Goninan, Townsville
Gauge Narrow
Axles Co-Co 
Length 18.89 m 
19.3 m (following upgrade)
Mass 90 t 
108 t (following upgrade)
Engine GE 7FDL12
Generator GE 5GTA28A1
Traction motors GE 761-A20
Power 1800 kW / 2400 HP
Tractive effort 299 / 241 kN 
? / 253 kN (following upgrade)
Speed 80 / 17 km/h

No. In Service Status 
2600 12/1983 Sold to South Africa Railways 
2601 1/1984Sold to South Africa Railways  
2602 1/1984Sold to South Africa Railways
2603 2/1984Sold to South Africa Railways
2604 3/1984Sold to South Africa Railways
2605 4/1984Sold to South Africa Railways
2606 5/1984Sold to South Africa Railways    
2607 6/1984Sold to South Africa Railways   
2608 7/1984Sold to South Africa Railways  
2609 8/1984Sold to South Africa Railways  
2610 9/1984Sold to South Africa Railways
2611 10/1984Sold to South Africa Railways  
2612 11/1984Sold to South Africa Railways

‎2609 departs Pring for repairs in Townsville after a derailment.

2600 hauling a Coal Train on the Binbee - Briaba section, 
Newlands corridor.

Photos by Greg Cubit

2600 at the Redbank Workshops, January 2012

2607 at the Redbank Workshops Rail Museum, January 2012
2607 & 2612 at the Redbank Workshops, January 2012
2600 & 2610 at the Redbank Workshops, January 2012

2605 on the front of a coal train in the unloading shed at Abbot Point.

2600's hauling a coal train at Newlands crossing 2000 Class Railmotor units 2004,2032.
2608 at Pring
Photos by Greg Cubit