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Beaudesert Line

The 43 km-long line branches off the Beenleigh Line at a triangular junction immediately south of Bethania station 35 km south of Brisbane, then progresses generally south-west to Jimboomba and then generally south to its terminus at BeaudesertThe line, which carried passengers and agricultural produce, opened in 1885. The Beaudesert line connected to a tramway at the terminus, the Beaudesert Tramway, which was operated by the local shire council. The two-line tramway opened in 1902 and linked the railway to branches with termini at Lamington and Rathdowney.

Beaudesert Station is the Terminus on the Line

The Station building is now used as the Local Radio Station

Map Location of Beaudesert Station

Beaudesert Station


Looking towards Logan Village
Looking towards Beaudesert

Jimboomba Station

Logan Village 

Looking towards Bethania 

Map Location of Logan Village Station

Logan Village Station

All photos were taken by QGT on the 10th of October 2010.

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Level Crossing on the Beaudesert Line. Most of the level crossing have been paved over or have been disconnected but they are some that haven't been changed.

Looking towards Beaudesert
Looking towards Logan Village

Looking towards  Beaudesert 

Looking towards Logan Village

Looking towards Beaudesert 
Looking torwards Logan Village

Looking towards Logan Village Station
Looking towards Beaudesert 

Easterly Street level crossing , Waterford

Looking towards Bethania
Looking towards Logan Village just after this bridge is where the Beaudesert Rail Historical Train derailed on the 28th of June 2003.