Pho Soup

Ingredients for the Pho Soup Base:

2 Yellow Onions
4" nub of Ginger
5 lbs Beef Marrow Bones
1 lb Chuck Top 
6 quarts of Water
1 Cinnamon Stick

1 tablespoon Coriander Seeds

1 tablespoon Fennel Seeds 

5 whole Star Anise

1 Back Cardamom Pod

6 whole Cloves 
1 1/2 tablespoons Kosher Salt 
1/2 cup Fish Sauce

8 x 8 inch square of Cheesecloth

Butchers Twine

Process for Pho Soup Base:

Peel onions and cut in half through the root.

Cut ginger in half lengthwise.

Place ginger and onion halves directly on stove top burners with flame on high.

Char the onion and ginger until blackened on all sides.

Place cinnamon, coriander, fennel, star anise, cardamom, and cloves inside cheesecloth and bring up sides with twine and tie the bundle tightly.

Put onions, ginger, herb/spice bundle, water, fish sauce, salt, beef chuck, and bones into a pressure cooker pot.  

Set pressure cooker to low and cook for 90 minutes.

After cook time has ended and pressure has released place a large mesh sieve lined with a double layer of cheesecloth over a large stockpot.

Pour pho broth and all ingredients into sieve.

Allow broth to drain and remove from pot.  

Check flavor of pho broth, add salt or fish sauce if desired.

Ingredients for Pho Soup:

Pho Broth

1 bunch of Mint

1 bunch of Thai Basil

1 bunch of Cilantro

1 lb Flat Rice Noodles

2 lbs Beef Sirloin Steak

2 cups Bean Sprouts

Process for Serving Pho Soup:

Rinse mint, basil, and cilantro under cold water and remove leaves.

Prepare rice noodles according to package instructions.

Freeze sirloin steak for 15 minutes.

Thinly slice sirloin steak across the grain.

Keep pho broth hot on stove top.

Place desired amount of steak in bottom of bowl, add noodles, herbs, and sprouts and pour hot broth over soup.

The hot broth will cook the sirloin steak to perfection.