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    Mark reports: On Tuesday Mike will be fitting footrests in the go-faster Maid.  We may be able to start painting them when they are ready.  They will be the white of the shed door and will need priming/undercoat before two/three coats topcoat.  Correct me if the Committee has voted on another colour.  Grey non-slip has also been rejected, I believe. 

    Some scarring resulted as I clumsily removed two struts in front of the cox’s seat.  Once epoxy fills have been completed on the planking on Tuesday morning the scars can be primed (two coats). There are also three or four varnish runs which sneaked past our newspaper protection under the gunnels and these will need touching up with the top coat

    We must sand the parts of the frames where the saddles sit for the footrest brackets. Mike will glue the saddles in these spaces. The saddles will first need new primer on sawn areas and then undercoat and topcoat. (Editor's note: Keith and Bill joined the Tuesday working party.)


    Once footrests are painted and in place we can replace the seats, maybe this weekend.  Stroke footrest shape still unsorted.

    Barring outrage, I will buy two more brown mats for the floor to absorb mud and hard heel impact. Rudder changes are in hand.  

    Posted 20 Nov 2018, 09:38 by Queensferry Rowing
  • A chance to learn the ropes with Mike
    Mike McD writes: If you click on the menu item 'Skills Training Process' you will find a complete explanation of how members can gain competence in the 18 subjects that are considered relevant to our sport.

    At the present time we have 18 Skipper and 5 Coxes.  All members are encourages to complete the 'Competent crew' level by developing their understanding, knowledge and experience at their own pace, using the self-assessment sign-off sheet as a guide.

    A copy of the Skills Training Process is on the wall just inside the 'Captain's cabin' at the Shed, as well as the 'sign-off' sheet for Competent Crew.  

    From this coming Saturday, 24th, (and as many thereafter as necessary), I will be at the Shed from 9.30am to 11am to help with some of the items on the Competent Crew schedule - Parts of boat, Knots, anchor work, etc. 

    Cox training: steering without the rudder

    Please note that also on the TRAINING NOTICEBOARD (next to the lifejackets) is a very good explanation of Cold Water Shock  taken from the latest RYA Newsletter.  Opportunities to participate in the practical 'man-overboard' exercise will be advertised.

    If you would like to get started on the 'Competent Crew' or refresh you memory on anything, I (and a few others) will be delighted to see you.  Training notes will be provided.
    Posted 20 Nov 2018, 07:44 by Queensferry Rowing
  • Tides for the week of 12 to 18 November
    We have no issues with any of the tides for the next week, so plenty of opportunities for rowing. As we are rowing  with only Ferry Lass while  Ferry Maid has maintenance, it’s a good idea to take advantage of good tides and spread out the rowing.

    Monday 12th November
    10.13 —- 1.6 mL.      17.28 —- 5.2 m H

    Tuesday 13th 
    10.41 —- 1.9 m L.      18.05 —- 5.0 m H

    Wednesday 14th
    11.17 —- 2.2 m L.     18.48 —- 4.8 m H

    Thursday 15th
    07.34 —- 4.6 m H.      12.06 —- 2.5 m L.       19.37 —— 4.6 m H

    Friday 16th
    08.34 —4.5 m H.        14.58 —- 2.7 m L.        20.37 —— 4.5 m H

    Saturday 17th
    09.59 —4.5 m H.       16.03 —2.5 m L.       

    Sunday 18th
    11.09 — 4.7 m H.       16.51 —- 2.2 m L

    Have a good week everyone! The weather looks to be a bonus also: no wind, temperature and rain to trouble us!! 

    Ferry Maid was turned last week - a good turnout for that, including wee Cal

    Mike B has managed to get a deep shine on the Maid's rudder

    Making sure there's enough room for both boats. Behind Maria is new member Bill, who has done more painting than rowing since joining the club!

    Posted 11 Nov 2018, 08:13 by Queensferry Rowing
  • Christmas dinner update
    Rachel writes:  Attention all 52 people who are booked in to have Christmas Dinner at Scott’s Restaurant on Friday 30th November at 7.30pm. The menu is below. It would be useful and could speed up the serving of the meal, if you were happy to pre-order. Two courses £18.95. There is an option of dessert as an extra, please take that option on the night. It would also be useful if all money was already paid, or ready to pay in a group cheque.

    We have all paid a £10 deposit, so this leaves £8.95. to pay. If you are happy to round this up to £10, that will leave an excess of £54.60 ready as a tip! This makes gathering money simple also. On the night if everyone buys and pays for their own drinks as they go along, there will be no more bills.

    I have a menu that I can leave available in the shed. I will also have a list printed out where you can add your menu choices, or you could email me and I can fill it out for you if you feel you won’t be around the shed. If you are not happy with these arrangements, please say so.

    Please use my email address to communicate!! rachelholburn (at)

    Click on image for larger size, or click here for Scotts' full festive brochure, including contact details for those with special dietary restrictions.
    Posted 11 Nov 2018, 08:35 by Queensferry Rowing
  • Just in for Christmas!!

    Monkey fist knots with bells on for the festive season - buy soon to avoid disappointment! See Tansy, Maria, Anne P. 

    Posted 8 Nov 2018, 10:47 by Queensferry Rowing
  • Minutes of Race Training group meetings
    The sub-committee formed to look at the club's race training activities has met three times this year, and the minutes of those meetings are now available to read clicking on "Resources" in the menu. To give a flavour of the discussions, here are the minutes from this month's meeting:



    Coaches/ Training Plan

    Eastern visit –

    Is there an opportunity to observe from shore/ boat

    2-3 people to visit

    discuss training plan

    Broughty visit

    - last weekend in November

    EF to record teaching points

    Share with all coxes/ skippers

    Initial training session for coxes

    Roll out programme to all coxes/ skippers

    Instruction for new rowers

    John Howell has suggested Faithful to video rowers

    Analysis session in PEYC

    Anne P to contact Trevor @ Eastern

    Approach the following to see if they would be interested in visiting Eastern

    Anne F


    Mike B


    Anne P to speak to John

    Training Programmes

    Competent crew


    Skipper (twice a year)

    - succession planning

    - how do you move from competent crew to cox

    - suggestion of finding a mentor to experience coxing before training

    - update club handbook to include progression pathways

    Formalise/ clearer pathway


    Communicate pathways to members

    New members contact

    Training Day - one day every quarter

    - Man overboard

    - Towing a boat

    - Knots

    - Pontoons

    - Rafting up

    - set up the boat

    - Anchors

    - Year planner – shed and website

    Checklist – renewal of skills (Every 2-3 years)

    Training page on web-site

    Anne F & Mel to draw up a year plan to outline training schedule

    New members pack to be updated – Marianne, Maria & Rebecca

    Anne F and others to be identified

    Mike to overview text for MOB

    Anne F to incorporate into year plan

    Anne P to ask Barbara

    Skiffie Worlds

    Information to club members about format, procedures, commitment required

    Add info to website

    Anne F to organise

    Information sharing

    Pilot Team App for managing calendars etc

    Mel to set up TeamApp – pilot within training group

    Boat modification

    Floorboards to be removed; new footrests –

    Mike, Mark, Stevie, Anne F, Maria – willing to help


    Frank to build 2 new oars to replace broken clenshaws

    Discussion with Frank about re-working the new oars

    Anne F

    Next Date

    Sunday 2nd December @ 3pm

    Posted 5 Nov 2018, 12:06 by Queensferry Rowing
  • Forthcoming tides, 5-11 November
    Rachel reports: Hello everyone, here are the tides for this coming week.

    Monday 5th November
    06.55 —- 0.9 m L.    12.51 —- 5.7 m H.     19.07 —- 1.3 m L

    Tuesday 6th
    07.43 —- 0.7 m L       13.40 —- 5.8 m H.     19.52 — 1.1 m L

    Wednesday 7th 
    08.22 —- 0.7 m L.    14.25 —- 5.9 m H.       20.32 — 1.0 mL

    Thursday 8th 
    08.56 —- 0.7 mL.     15.06 —- 5.9 m H.      21.05 —- 0.9 m L

    Friday 9th
    09.22 —- 0.8 m L.    15.45 —- 5.8 m H       21.31 —- 1.0 mL 

    Saturday 10th 
    09.39 —- 1.0 m L      16.21 —- 5.6 m H       21.36 —- 1.1 m L

    Sunday 11th 
    09.51 — 1.3 m L.      16.55 — 5.4 m H

    There are some very low tides this week, but we can still get some rowing in. If a training row is out by 07.30 on Saturday, we can hopefully have a pontoon ready for social rowing. Further details will come. 

    Pictured: Ferry Maid on Inchcolm last month, photo by Louise Innes
    Posted 4 Nov 2018, 10:01 by Queensferry Rowing
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