• Forthcoming tides, 22-28 October
    Update on Saturday social rowing from Peter: As there is a training row going out early they will bring the skiff back to a pontoon, which will allow normal 9.00am rowing. On the day, I would appreciate if someone can help me in the afternoon to recover the skiff from the pontoon.
    Rachel reports: This coming week  is the last on British Summer Time, so the darkness is creeping in!!

    Monday 22nd October
    07.17 —— 1.4 m L.    14.23 —- 5.4 m H.   19.34 — 1.4 m L

    Tuesday 23rd
    07.54 —- 1.1 m L.     15.00 —- 5.6 m H.      20.13 —-1.2 m L

     Wednesday 24th
    08.32 —-0.9 mL.       15.36 —- 5.7 m H.      20.53 —- 1.0 m L

    Thursday 25th
    09.09 —- 0.7 m L.     16.13 —- 5.8 m H.      21.31 —- 0.8 m L

    Friday 26th 
    09.42 —- 0.7 m L.      16.51 —- 5.8 m H.      22.04 —- 0.8 m L

    Saturday 27th 
    10.11 —- 0.8 m L.    17.30 —- 5.8 m H      Peter will inform the group about possible pontoon.
    Thirteen members will be away to Loch Tummel for the regional Freshwater Sprints. Good luck the Southeast.
    * Clocks back 1 hour *

    Sunday 28th
    09.43 —- 1.0 m L.     17.13 —- 5.6 m H

    Rowers enjoyed perfect weather for a jaunt to Blackness last week

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  • Nomination of officers and committee members
    As per the Queensferry Rowing Club constitution:

    Section 4.1: "The club shall be managed by a committee made up of the following office bearers: Captain; Vice Captain; Secretary and Treasurer and no more than seven other committee members. These shall be elected annually at the club's Annual General Meeting by a simple majority."
    Section 4.2: "Election shall be by nomination at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations must be notified to the secretary at least two weeks before the AGM and should be posted on the club web site."

    Notice therefore given that the following people are nominated to be office bearers and committee members.

     CLUB CAPTAIN Louise Innes Donna Martin Peter Locke
      Anne Purcell John Howell Maria van Dalen
     VICE-CAPTAIN Rachel Holburn Mark Meredith Stevie Leask
     Dónal Ferrie Barbara Agnew Rachel Dillon
     SECRETARY Lorna Bark Anne Purcell Dónal Ferrie
     TREASURER Anne Flannery Liz Furrie Mel Chambers
      Marion McDowall Mike McDowall John Howell
     COMMITTEE   MEMBER Rebecca Gates Dónal Ferrie Lorna Bark
      Mike Breewood Alistair Sturrock Pat Stephenson
      Marianne Sandison Alison Fish Tansy Moir
      Alan Sutherland Peter Locke Barbara Agnew
      Rory McIntyre Peter Holburn John Howell
      John Howell Mike McDowell Rachel Holburn
      Maria van Dalen Tansy Moir Tracey Vincent
      Lorna Bark Marion McDowall Mike McDowall
      Anne Purcell Dónal Ferrie Mel Chambers
      Dónal Ferrie Anne Purcell Marianne Sandison

    As you can see, there are more than the required number of nominees for most posts, so a secret ballot will be held at the AGM. The AGM is being held at the Port Edgar Yacht Club at 7.30pm on Thursday the 25th of October. All club members are urged to come along and cast their vote. 

    Please note: A copy of the constitution may be downloaded by clicking on the "Resources" tab in the menu.
    Posted 14 Oct 2018, 13:04 by Queensferry Rowing
  • Tides for the coming week
    Rachel reports: Well, what a weather  week we have had!! This coming week is good for ‘Anytime Rowing’, and the bonus is ,the weather looks great also - though not every day. A Blackness/Limekilns row planned for Tuesday has been cancelled due to a forecast of high winds, while a crew heading out tomorrow looks set to enjoy a beautiful day.

    Monday 15th October
    07.34— 5.1 m H       12.14 —1.9 mL.     19.40 —- 4.9 mH

    Tuesday 16th
    08.19 — 4.8 m H.    12.53 — 2.4 m L     20.22 —- 4.7 m H 

    Wednesday 17th
    09.15 — 4.5 m H.   15.27 — 2.7 m L.    21.14 — 4.5 m H

    Thursday 18th 
    10.51 —- 4.4 m H      16.46 —- 2.6 m L.    

    Friday 19th
    05.29 — 2.2 m L.    12.06 —- 4.6 m H    17.50 — 2.4 m L

    Saturday 20th 
    06.28 — 2.0 m L.    13.01 —- 4.9 m H.    18.26 —- 2.1 m L

    Sunday 21st
    06.46 —- 1.7 m L.   13.44 — 5.1 m H     18.58 —- 1.8 m L

    Saturday may have been a wash-out, but Sunday's social rowers enjoyed a beautiful afternoon

    Posted 14 Oct 2018, 12:22 by Queensferry Rowing
  • Something to think about for Christmas!
    Rachel writes: Sorry to mention the big C word ,at this time ,but needs must ,when it is Club Fundraising.
    Our ongoing fundraising ,within the club, is a vital part of a Community Club. 
    Any money raised,is consistently used ,for all the safety equipment and accessories you use ,to enjoy your rowing. 
    Latest topic —— OARS 🚣‍♀️!!

    Now is the time ,to consider our unique Bridge T- Shirts as Christmas gifts.
    We are the only organisation selling the bridges image  on t-shirts!! 

    We have t-shirts in stock ,so hope to be able accommodate your sizes.
      Speak to Keith or Rachel at the shed ,or give us an email  .We are happy to help.

    Many thanks ,for your continuous support of Queensferry Rowing Club.

    Posted 12 Oct 2018, 05:33 by Queensferry Rowing
  • Tides for the week ahead
    Rachel reports: What a difference a day makes!! Saturday was so pleasant, but on Sunday we were reminded we are in Autumn. 🍂 Any midweek Rowing this week will be late morning or afternoon.

    Monday 8th October
    09.04 —- 0.5 mL.      14.58 —- 6.0 m H

    Tuesday 9th
    09.47 — 0.3 mL.       15.44 —- 6.1 m H

    Wednesday 10th 
    10.23 — 0.3 m L.      16.27 —- 6.1 m H 

    Thursday 11th 
    10 .54 —- 0.5 m L.      17.08 —- 5.9 m H 

    Friday 12th 
    11.20 —- 0.7 m L.     17.48 —- 5.7 m H 

    Saturday 13th
    11.32 —- 1.1 m L.     18.27 —- 5.5 m H

    Sunday 14th
    11.47 —- 1.5 m L.     19.03 —- 5.2 m H 

    Saturday and Sunday we will aim to have some pontoon use during the sessions. 

    Posted 8 Oct 2018, 08:39 by Queensferry Rowing
  • Calling notice for agm on 25 October



    A Draft Agenda and the Minutes of the 2017 AGM will be sent by email to members and copies will be posted in the Club Shed at Port Edgar and on the Club Web Site. Any additions to the draft agenda must be made known to DONNA MARTIN,Club Captain, by email to  NO LATER THAN Thursday 18th October 2018.

    In terms of the Club Constitution all Office Bearers and all Committee Members leave office at the AGM. Those who wish to stand again must put their names forward with the names of their "proposers" and "seconders" along with the names of any Club Members who themselves wish to stand as Office Bearers or Committee Members.

    All nominations for Office Bearers or Committee Members should be notified 


    In the event that there are more nominations either for the four OFFICE BEARERS [Captain, Vice Captain. Treasurer or Secretary] or for COMMITTEE MEMBERS [Maximum permitted number Seven], a vote will be held at the AGM to fill the contested positions.

    Any current Office Bearer or Committee member who is not standing for re-election should advise the Club Captain by 11th October 2018.

    If you are nominating a member as an Office Bearer or Committee Member please check that the person wishes to stand and that proposer and seconder are fully paid up members of the Club.

    This CALLING NOTICE is made as instructed and approved by and on behalf of the Club Committee by me, Keith Thomson (Committee Member)
    this 3rd day of October 2018


    At Port Edgar Yacht Club

    Members Present: Donna Martin, Rachel Holburn, Marion McDowall, Louise Innes, Julie Dominguez, Graeme Thomson, Anne Flannery, Robin Goldie, Donal Ferrie, Mel Chambers, Len Saunders, Lesley Jones, Gabe Levy, Anne Purcell, Peter Holburn, Alistair Sturrock, Rachel Dillon, Steven Leask, John Howell, Barbara Agnew, Rory McIntyre, Mark Meridith, Cherry Kelsey,  Maria van Dalen, Graham Sutherland, George Kilgour, Alan Ramsay, Tony Bacon, Lorna Bark, Keith Thomson, Mike McDowall., Peter Locke.

    1. Apologies

    Captain Donna Martin welcomed all to the meeting. Apologies had been received from: Alison Fish, Kenny McGavin, Sharon Homan-James, Liz and Ralph Furrie, Mike Breewood, Judith Bull, Susan, Hanna and Jodie, Sue McPhail, Stuart Ridge, Ranald and Sheena who added that they appreciate crews coming into the Harbour and waving to them.

    2. Minutes of Previous AGM

    Proposed by Mark Meredith and seconded by Barbara Agnew that the Minutes of the Previous Meeting be passed as read. Carried

    3 Minutes of the EGM held on 23 March 2013

    Proposed by Louise Innes and seconded by Robin Goldie that the Minutes of the EGM be passed as read. Carried

    4. Matters Arising. None

    5. Captain’s Report

    Captain Donna Martin presented her report which was circulated to members prior to the meeting.

    6. Treasurer’s Report and Agreement of Membership Fees

    Treasurer Marion McDowall presented her report which had been made available to members prior to the meeting. Closing balance at 30 September 2017 was £7185.37.

    Proposed by Peter Locke and seconded by Rory McIntyre that the Membership Fees remain unchanged for a further year. Carried

    7. Election of Office Bearers and Committee Members

    The Committee stepped aside and Mike McDowall took the Chair. He stated that the Committee had all stood for re-election. All had been duly proposed and seconded and as there were no further applicants the Committee were re-elected. Carried.

    Captain. Donna Martin
    Vice Captain. Rachel Holburn
    Treasurer. Marion McDowall
    Secretary. Peter Locke
    Rory McIntyre
    John Howell
    Maria van Dalen
    Anne Flannery
    Anne Purcell
    Keith Thomson
    Louise Innes 

    8. Expeditions

    Anne Flannery spoke about the Caledonian Canal Experience and said that she and others will help anyone who may undertake an expedition in the future. Rachel H pointed out that Robbie Wightman, Convenor SCRA encourages this very different type of activity.

    9. New Oars

    Mike McDowall and Peter Locke gave a joint report on the new oars explaining that this was brought about by an SCRA proposal that oars should become more standardised. We as a Club became part of this experiment which has now been abandoned by SCRA. We are continuing and hope that the oars will soon be completed.

    10. Training – Progression

    Peter Locke stated that the Training Sub Committee will reinstate the Competent Crew Log for new members with a view to undertaking a Coxes Course and a Skippers Course. A Coxes Course has been organised for 4 Nov 17 and the Skippers Course for 24 Mar 18. Anne Purcell asked if the Sub Committee was dealing with ‘Race Training’ and technique. At the moment the Sub Committee are dealing more with the safety aspect but the Committee will look into this.

    11. A Third Skiff. Yes? No? Maybe?

    Peter Locke said that there was no definite proposal to build a third skiff but there was talk amongst some members of the possibility due to the increase in a variety of events and the fact that Junior Rowing is developing. A show of hands was requested and was approximately: Yes, 18, No, 4, Maybe, 10. This is something that the Committee will consider going ahead.

    12. Any Other Business

    Keith Thomson gave thanks to the Skippers and members who organised race training which had improved the Club’s position at regattas. He then asked if there could be more Committee Members as the Club continues to develop and expand. This will be considered by the Committee before the next AGM.

    Donna Martin asked that if a member has entered his or her name for a regatta then for whatever reason has to withdraw, please let the organising Committee member know as soon as possible.

    Rory McIntyre asked that there be more communication amongst members travelling to regattas and events to encourage more car sharing.

    Barbara Agnew said that the 2018 Calendar would soon be available and asked members to place orders. The more ordered, the cheaper it would be.

    Stevie Leask said that he had been in contact with St Abbs who were reviving their Rowing Club. Vice Captain, Rachel Holburn is taking this up.

    There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 2020hrs
    Posted 3 Oct 2018, 08:34 by Queensferry Rowing
  • Tides for the week ahead
    Rachel reports: Here we are moving into October! How did that suddenly happen??

    The coming week, looks good for tides and weather, with plenty opportunity for midweek Rowing .

    Monday 1st October
    07.40 —- 5.3 m H.       12.20 —— 1.5 m L 

    Tuesday 2nd
    08.30 —- 5.1 m H      13.16 —- 1.9 m L

    Wednesday 3rd 
    09.30 —- 4.9 m H.      14.57 —- 2.3 m L

    Thursday 4th 
    10.44 —- 4.9 m H.     17.30 —- 2.1 m L 

    Friday 5th
    06.09 —- 1.6 m L.    12.04 —- 5.1 m H.     18.34 —- 1.8 m L

    Saturday 6th 
    07.14 —- 1.2 m L.     13.12 —- 5.4 m H.      

    Sunday 7th
    08.14 —- 0.8 m L.     14.08 — 5.7 m H 

    Have a good week everyone. 

    Barbara adds: Here's the last social row of September setting out on Sunday afternoon. Mike B is coxing and wearing his new lifejacket, a retiral gift from his workmates. It's covered in tweed, with his nickname embroidered on the front. Not for every day use, says Mike! We wish him well in his new life of leisure and of course look forward to seeing him at the shed more often. As ever, more photos on Flickr.

    Posted 1 Oct 2018, 03:50 by Queensferry Rowing
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