For most marriages to thrive, couples require information, inspiration and privacy together. Engaged couples need information and instruction on how to communicate a marriage relationship.

  • What happens on a weekend? The encounter programs are facilitated by a team of married couples and clergy. Programs begin Friday evening and end Sunday afternoon. Presentations are followed by personal refection and private couple dialogue. Couples rediscover the joy and potential of their marriage relationship.
  • Marriage Encounter: A weekend for couples who need a break from daily family responsibilities and occupations. After each team presentation, individuals have time for personal reflection followed by time for a couple to share their reflections in privacy.
  • Marriage Preparation: Using the encounter format, engaged couples receive information, time and privacy to examine their strengths, weaknesses and goals in marriage. Engaged Encounter is an accredited marriage preparation program.
  • Marriage Retreats: Retreats for married couples may be a few hours, day or weekend focused on scripture and marriage to help couples in their mutual spiritual development and commitment to each other.