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      Speedway Classic, June 2nd 2007


Members from Indianapolis SC, Queen City TSC, Maple City SC, St. Louis SL and Michigan STFA.  Nine players provided a great day of tournament play.  A large single group of nine gave everyone a chance to play each other which made for some great match-ups and solid games. 


Group Play Final Results:

       Top six advance, top two get byes in Quarterfinals.  Remaining four play for consulation bracket.


Jon Schultz 7-1-0  22pts  34 GF  2 GA
Steve Laskey 6-1-1  19pts  13 GF  4 GA
Mike Ewer 6-0-2  18pts  16 GF  6 GA
Jeff Drake 5-2-1  17pts  18 GF  2 GA
Brad DeMunbrun 3-1-4  10pts  4 GF  14 GA
Brian Bostleman 2-1-5  7pts  7 GF  17 GA
Amanda Ewer 1-2-5  5pts  2 GF  15 GA
Barrett Crittes 1-1-6  4pts  6 GF  18 GA

Bryan Carter 0-1-7  1pt  3 GF  25 GA


Quarterfinal Bracket:

Mike Ewer vs. Brian Bostleman 1-1(2-0 Shootout)

Jeff Drake vs. Brad DeMunbrun 4-0


Semi-Final Bracket:

Steve Laskey vs. Mike Ewer 2-1

Jon Schultz vs. Jeff Drake 1-0


Speedway Classic Final:

Jon Schultz vs. Steve Laskey 2-0



I would like to thank everyone who attended the event and for all the help provided.   Thanks to Games2Die4 for the use of the venue. 


Jon Schultz and Steve Laskey due battle in there second final match-up for the second straight tournament.





 Jeff Drake and Jon Schultz in Group Play action.





Mike Ewer and Steve Laskey in Semi-Final action.  Laskey ends up the victory 2-1 as Laskey knocks Mike Ewer out of the 4th tournament in a row.