Brief History of the Queen City Table Soccer Club

The Queen City Table Soccer Club was founded in 2007.  The Club is looking for members who enjoy the game of soccer and making new friendships.  The goal of the club is to form a solid foundation of the game of Subbuteo table soccer in the Cincinnati metropolitan region.  The club will set forth a solid base for past players and new players to learn the game, to compete in friendly matches of skill and tactics and promote game of Subbuteo for the governing body The American Subbuteo association.



The history of the name “Queen City” comes from the days when Cincinnati was one of the fastest “Boom” towns of the western region.  “It is considered to have been the first major American "boomtown", rapidly expanding in the heart of the country in the early nineteenth century to rival the coastal metropolis in size and wealth. As the first major inland city in the country, it is sometimes thought of as the first purely American city, lacking the heavy European influence that was present on the east coast.