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April Meeting Minutes

posted Apr 6, 2014, 11:47 AM by Matt Marlowe   [ updated Apr 6, 2014, 11:48 AM ]
The meeting was held at Max Watson’s House. 
The meeting was called to order at 8:05 pm. 
Officers in Attendance:  Matt Marlowe, President;  Brad Butler, Secretary; Paul Fuller, Sergeant at Arms.
Members and Guests in Attendance: 18
Old Business 
· The proposal for a bylaw change that was brought up at the March meeting modifying the language requiring members to hold an officers position sometime during their membership to strongly encouraging them was read.  The membership in attendance voted unanimously for the change.  As a result, the by-law in Article II, Section 3 now states – To be a member in good standing, a member must; pay annual dues and drink responsibly.  Members are highly encouraged to serve as an Officer at some point during their membership.   
· May meeting was set for May 10th, location to be determined.  The meeting was scheduled to be at Organarchy Hops outside of Oldtown, MD however, we may have to have our meeting separate from our trip to Organarchy Hops. 
· June meeting will be on the 14th and will be a picnic/river fest on the banks of the North Branch of the Potomac River outside of Oldtown, MD.  It will be an all day affair and an all-nighter if you desire.  It was noted that you should bring your own water as there is no potable water at the site.  
· There is a Beer, Bacon, and Music homebrew competition/festival the 3rd weekend in May (17th & 18th) in Frederick, MD.  The cost to register is $40 and there is $6,000 in prize money.  The deadline for registration is April 15th.  For details there is a link on the QCHC Facebook page or you can go to 
· Chris Dignan is being deployed and will be unable to fulfill the duties of the Vice President.  Per the by-laws, the Executive Board will be seeking a member to assume the duties of the Vice President.  Anyone interested, please contact a Club officer.  You are strongly encouraged.     
New Business
· There was a proposal to fully reimburse whoever provides food for food pairing at Mash Out and other events.  President Marlowe stated the Club pays for Octoberfest, the Christmas party, and other events.  He said if anyone wishes to be reimbursed for bringing food to let him know and it shouldn’t be a problem. 
· We are going to start having a best of show food competition at our meetings.
· There was a discussion on buying Club equipment, and in particular, a 50 gallon pot.  We have purchased equipment in the past and we could add it to what we already have.  President Marlowe will see how much it would cost and maybe towards the end of the year we can buy one.
· Twila will price glasses with the QCHC logo.
· The possibility of Aaron, our Burgermeister of Education, recording classes was discussed.  
· Bryce Capodieci from Mash Out is starting a brewery called Rustik Bru.  There is a link on the QCHC Facebook page.  You can also go to and search for Rustik Bru.  
· We welcomed 3 new Club members: John, Butch, and Sherry.         
· The meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm  
· There was a beer judging after the meeting.   Bill won the in-style competition with his IPA and Dunkel.  Clint won the in-style competition with his Irish Red.  And Denny won the People’s Choice with his Wedding IPA.