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Mountain Maryland Brew Down

Winners of the 2011 Mountain Maryland BrewDown

Best of Show:
Stephen Owens (English IPA)

Category 1 (Light Hybrid):
1st Justin Taylor, 2nd Bill McGeeny, 3rd Daniel O'Brien.

Category 2 (Pils, E. Amb Hybrid, Amb Hybrid, Am. Ale):
1st Aaron Britton, 2nd Daniel O'Brien, 3rd Bernie Kessel.

Category 3 (IPA, G. Wheat/Rye, Belgian/French):
1st Stephen Owens, 2nd Steven Brockwell/Nick Mowel, 3rd Aaron Britton.

Category 4 (Belgian Strong, Fruit, Specialty):
1st Justin Taylor, 2nd Bernie Kessel, 3rd Bernie Kessel.

There were 30 total entries, 7 to 8 in each category.


August 27
, 2011 in Cumberland, MD at the Mountain Maryland Beer and Wine Festival.

BJCP-sanctioned Competition.

All entries must be received by August 21, 2011.

Entry Fee: $7 per entry for non-QCHC members, $5 per entry for QCHC members.

Category and Best of Show Prizes.
Categories may be grouped depending on the number of entries received.

Best of Show judging will be open to attendees of the Mountain Maryland Beer and Wine Festival.

Styles being judged include:

1. Light Lager
2. Pilsner
3. European Amber Lager
4. Dark Lager
6. Light Hybrid
7. Amber Hybrid Beer
10. American Ale
14. IPA
15. German Wheat and Rye
16. Belgian & French
17. Sour Ale
18. Belgian Strong Ale
20. Fruit Beer
23. Specialty Beer

Please complete the BJCP Entry Form and Bottle ID Form (one ID form attached to each bottle with rubber band) and include with your entry.  Fill out the forms as completely as possible.

Entries may be mailed to or dropped off at:

Cumberland Trail Connection
14 Howard Street #A-2
Cumberland, MD 21502

Contest Rules (The Fine Print)
  • Sanctioned by the American Homebrewers Association/BJCP.
  • Open to ALL homebrewers aged 21 years or older.
  • The beers must not be brewed in any commercial establishment.
  • Entries MUST be bottled in l2oz crown cap bottles without labels, raised or embossed lettering. "Grolsch" type bottles are not allowed.
  • Printed caps must be blacked out.
  • All entries must be accompanied with an Entry form. Each bottle must have a bottle ID form attached with a rubber band.
  • Be sure to include the category and subcategory as defined by the BJCP Style Guidelines. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROPERLY CATEGORIZING YOUR ENTRY!
  • Entrants must submit 2 bottles for each entry.
  • The registration fee is $7.00 per entry ($5 for QCHC members). Payment may be made using cash or by check.
  • Please make checks payable to: Queen City Homebrew Club.

Volunteers Needed!

The Brewdown needs your help!

We are currently looking for volunteers to work as stewards for the competition.

The Mountain Maryland Beer and Wine Festival also needs volunteers.

Please contact Matt or Hutch for details