Edna Smith was a dedicated Institute member, a QWI Past President who also served tirelessly on the board of the FWIC. She had a keen interest in Agricultural affairs. In 1989 a Bursary was established in her memory.

McGill University: Presented by the Quebec Women`s Institute to a student entering in the Second year of the Farm Management and Technology Program, who:
(1) is a professional farmer's son or daughter from the Province of Québec,
(2) has spent at least one season (seed time to harvest) in his or her parents employ on the farm,
(3) intends to return on his or her parents farm for at least one year on completion of the course or to manage his or her own farm,
(4) and who, if more than one candidate meets the above three requirements, takes the highest proficiency in agricultural subjects in the first year or, if he or she is the only candidate, has maintained satisfactory standing.

For more information, contact president@quebecwi.com.


2016 Stéphanie Bisaillon, St Jacques Le Mineur, QC
2015 Matthew Burns, Cookshire, QC
2014 Matthew Burns, Cookshire, QC