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Dates to Remember

 January 15
 Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Canadian Woman of the Year Nominations Due
 January 15 Erland Lee nominations must be received by the QWI president.
 January 27     
 First WI Branch in Quebec at Dunham, in 1911
 February WI Month
 February 12
 Agricultural Day, Canada
 February 19
 Founders Day (f.1897)
 February 27
 Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Birthday (b. 1857)
 March 8
 International Women's Day
 April 22
 Earth Day
 April 29
 ACWW "Women Walk the World"
 May 24
 QWI Board Meeting, MacDonald College
 May 25
 QWI Annual Convention, MacDonald College
 June 23-25
 ACWW Area Conference, Pembroke, ON
 September 1
 QWI Frances Taylor Memorial Bursary application deadline
 October 15
 World Rural Women's Day
 October 16
 World Food Day
 October 24
 United Nations Day
 November 11
 Remembrance Day ceremonies; laying wreaths at the QWI Cairn in Dunham, Missisquoi County
December 10
 UN Declaration of Human Rights, 1948