2015 Hlth and CL

2015 Highlights from QWI Health and Community Living


·       February heart month heart attack symptoms- FAST

·       Different symptoms for men's heart attacks

·       Monthly tips from Take 10

·       Importance of eating fresh produce over processed foods

·       Benefits of eating freshly shelled peanuts

·       Naming tried & true health tips from the past that still stand the test of time

·       Reasons for taking the flu shots

·       Washing hands for at least 20 seconds with soap & water

·       Vicks cures nail fungus

·       Hot line number for dietary needs

·       Ebola virus transmits by contact only

·       Limit consumption of "Free sugars" (honey & maple syrup) to a max of 10% of daily calories Parkinson's update

·       Diabetes remedies

·       Aids for arthritis

·       Guide to herbs 8c health

·       Uses for gingerroot

·       Getting rid of outdated medicines

·       Brochures from CLSC

·       Look after your vision

·       The importance of beans

·       Genetically modified foods

·       Physical exercises

·       Health benefits of honey

·       Dehydrations-signs & solutions

·       When to say NO to a prescription

·       Meniere's disease

·       Herbs & supplements- not always pure

·       The importance of calcium

·       Different ways of helping to swallow medicine

·       Fresh fruits better than juice


·       Earth night awareness

·       Brochures of courses offered by CLSC  

·       Sharing of personal moments

·       Item from a Sir Wilfred Laurier on immigration

·       New EcoCenters being set up across Quebec

·       Keep pets tick free-now linked to Lyme disease

·       Pets need rabies vaccine

·       How to make a Christmas Ball decoration

·       Support local nursing

·       Student's medical trips

·       What is the value of one member?

·       I'm not being pushy, but

·       Laughter prolongs life

·       Celebrate your branches' "Volunteer of the Year"

·       Never smoke in bed

·       Keeping in touch with friends & families

·       Install skid mats & grab bars in Bathroom

·       Do not give personal info to strangers or over the phone

·       Babying your thyroid

·       Benefits of reading

·       Pineapples the most nutritious food

·       Concerns about buying milk from the US

·       .Article about Renfrew County WI

·       A first aid kit what to have in your car when travelling

·       Proper refrigerator storage of opened canned goods



·       Pink School Library Community Centre in Howick

·       Lester B Pearson Culinary School in Lacolle

·       La Face Cachee de la Pomme, Hemmingford

·       Morrisburg Upper Canada Playhouse

·       Touring a flower garden

·       Visit to Alpaca Farm.

·       Visit to an Indian food restaurant 

·       Dinner outings to friends & family

·       Beach gathering for lunch & games

·       Attended Wellness program every two weeks

·       Meals out for different reasons

·       Laid wreaths at the Cairn in Dunham

·       A visit with County President Florence Ellerton & friend


·       Nursing trip to Dominican Republic 

·       Suture Hemmington COOP Sante shared their aims & purpose

·       Evelyn Kerr- The magic of Eastern Europe

·       A list of services to Seniors in Haut St Francois was presented

·       Owner of local Greenhouse called the Green Thumb

·       Local pharmacist who graduated from Algeria who gave advice & answered questions


·       Food for Christmas Baskets

·       Filled Sailor's boxes

·       Wales Home

·       Youth Fair

·       TERRY Fox Run

·       Le Rivage

·       Soup labels to Ontario for the deaf

·       Cakes & Salads for Richmond Fair BBQ

·       Prizes for pony games at Richmond Fair BBQ

·       Prizes for youngest boy & girl at the St Francis plowing match

·       Plaques to youth fair winners

·       Cookies for shut- ins

·       200 finger puppets for sick children

·       Catered for funerals & a 40th Anniversary

·       Food to Meals on Wheels

·       Hats for chemo patients at the CHUS

·       Cards for Birthdays, Get well, Christmas & sympathy

·       Ditty bags for women's centre., .

·       Collection for 3rd World Medical Aid

·       Bursaries for students attending university after high school

·       St Paul's Rest Home

·       CHUS Fondation

·       Hallowe'en dinner at school

·       Apples to Polyvanent & Elementary schools,

·       School supplies for elementary schools

·       High School Academic Awards

·       Wool Gathering.

·       Breakfast funds

·       COMMUNITY Hall

·       Butler Elementary School Library

·       School prizes for local schools

·       Canned food to CAB (Centre D'Action Bénévole De Cowansville)

·       Supported Sunnyside, Stanstead,North Hatley,Ayer's Cliff & Magog Schools with backpacks of school supplies


·       Hot line number for dietary needs

·       Quiz-answer with a name of a body part 

·       World news about Syrian refugees 

·       Concerns about the wearing of the nijab

·       Info about the CHUS Research Centre

·       Christmas parties

·       Massawippi Medical Centre in process of hiring a 4th doctor.


Hatley-Stanstead 100th Anniversary attended by over 100 women from the region

with a luncheon in Hatley & stories, skits, displays & tea served by 2 prominent members of WI