2014 Hlth and CL

2014 Highlights from QWI Health and Community Living


·       4 healthy foods you can overdo: protein, fish, fiber and dried fruits.

·       Processed foods require hard work for the digestion. Staying with whole foods that grow from the ground is best.

·       Artificial sweeteners are linked to a higher incidence of cancer.

·       Brittle nails usually result from dehydration or using nail polish remover too often. Use moisturizer at bedtime.

·       Cinnamon and honey are very good for you.

·       A banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy.

·       3 Signs that tell you someone may be having a stroke: facial weakness, inability to person smile, an eye or mouth has dropped.

·       Nuts are packed with heart healthy fats, protein and disease fighting vitamins and minerals.

·       Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A and magnesium and prevent several types of cancer.


·       Flea Market

·       Halloween dinner at Pope Memorial School

·       Remembrance Day wreath

·       Visits to elderly members

·       Delivered homemade goodies to senior residences

·       Visit to Nursing Department of Continuing Education Centre

·       Dined out —including a trip to Lasalle Culinary School.

·       Planted flowers at Cenotaph in Riverfield

·       Attended a local seminar with free legal advice for seniors

·       Attended 411 Rally in Cookshire, judged handicrafts at Rally in Ormstown

·       Ormstown flower show

·       Christmas food baskets

·       Attended Terry Fox Run in Richmond


·       A booklet on Alzheimer's

·       FWIC growing a healthier you

·       20 essential fats

·       Forgetfulness and Poor Concentration

·       Anti-cancer Vitamins

·       How to read and understand food labels

·       Red Cross Fire Prevention check list

·       Vinegar as a bug spray, disinfectant and cleanser

·       Rice absorbs arsenic from the soil-Rinse and drain rice well.

·       Quinine in Tonic Water is good for leg cramps.

·       Report on shingles, glaucoma, Lyme disease