2015 ED and PD

Highlights of QWI Education and Personal Development, 2015


·      Presentation given on issues regarding negotiations for a new teachers' contract, implications for special needs children, and an explanation of the coding system

·      Kate Warnock, chief carpenter of the Cirque show, Totem, described unique design problems and solutions

·      Heather Scott described the Knowlton Literary Festival and recommended various authors

·      Carolyn Cameron talked about her trip to the Orient

·      Evie Kerr told of the Magic of Eastern Europe

·      Barn Quilts were described by Shirley Stark

·      Luc Rodrique, Head of the Lennoxville Vocational Training Center, told of courses offered, costs, time requirements, and how many adults are using this as a step into University courses

·      Dr. Bill Morrison, Psychologist, spoke about "What makes a Community" and "Community Living"

·      Jennifer Hayes told "How an Organization can sponsor a community project with help from CASA"

·      Greg Hayes spoke on Fire Safety around the house

·      Wills, Mandates and Power of Attorney were explained by Nancy Suominen

·      Holly Richardson spoke on Stress and How to Handle it

·      Their developing wine industry, the Little Red Wagon, was described by Scott & Jennifer Judd, and they also entertained by singing

·      Linda Hoy, FWIC president, gave a presentation on the International Peace Garden

·      Bursary recipients gave news of their studies

·      Femmes en movement

·      Community Wellness

·      Recipient of an IPad program for the speech impaired

Outings and Trips 

·      Visit shut-ins

·      Joined other branches for a party

·      Visited Louis St. Laurent Museum in Compton, joined by some husbands

·      Enjoyed a picnic by the Lake

·      Visit to see a Dairy Collection, to a Textile Museum in Valleyfield, to a Culinary School, and to Pointe Du Buisson archaeological site

·      Visited Lavendre Bleu

·      Attended Uplands Museum Christmas Tea

·      Held restaurant meetings

Discussions and Articles shared 

·      How to cheer someone up

·      Preferred shopping methods

·      Canada's Emergency Alert system

·      Elizabeth II, "Long may she Reign"

·      Everyone has a unique combination of bacteria

·      Issue of Death Assistance by doctors.

·      The dangers of steeping pre-bagged tea

·      How to plant a Medieval medical garden

·      New principal, Anne Stairs, in Cowansville and her plans for the school

·      High cost of tuition for college

·      New royal baby named "Charlotte Elizabeth Diana"

·      Letter sent to Quebec Education minister stating our members do not support dismantling school board elections

·      School Board usefulness today

·      According to QESBA, Education Reform Bill 86 comprises the right to govern its own schools

·      Amnesty International information distributed

·      QWI by- laws were reviewed along with proposed changes

·      Importance of voting

·      Waiting time in hospitals

·      How to celebrate our 100th Anniversary (Standstead County & Hemmingford Branch)

·      Success of a new clinic in Ayer's Cliff

·      Monthly school newsletter is read at meetings

·      Discussion of Robert Burn's work

·      International Women's Day

·      Challenges facing our government today

·      Our view of the world— climate change, environment, ISIS, etc.

·      Importance of your nose

·      40 timeless hints on best advice ever

·      When academic motivation fizzles out — how to motivate your children

·      Shawville has new playground structures, new arena lights and compressor, an upgraded Senior's Center, and has installed a ramp at the town hall

·      Clarendon purchased a new truck, launched a web page, improved roads and waste management, and is trying to lower speed on the highway entering town

·      The executive of Bishop's University Psychology students raised funds and gave cheques to Mental Health Estrie, to NuHab, and to Bishop's University-Champlain College Refugee Student Sponsorship Project

·      The Bishop's - Champlain - Lennoxville community, led by Rev. Heather Thomson, aims to give a tuque to every Syrian refugee

·      Ceremony noted Bishop's College School had been the first institution, by a few hours, to fly the new Canadian flag in 1965, fifty years ago

Community Activities & Programs

·      Games — Quizzes

·      Booth at Fairs in Shigawake, Ayer's Cliff, and Richmond

·      Sponsored competitions for Art, Essays, Stories, Public Speaking

·      Christmas gifts and boxes given to needy families

·      Money donated to a cancer patient

·      Participated in community activities put on by churches, schools, and other organizations

·      Kept in touch with a pen pal from a WI branch in Sway, England

·      One member sits on school governing board

·      Collected nonperishable goods for food baskets at Alexander Galt High School

·      Continued to participate as bursaries were given from the Compton County Bursary Fund, 7 this year

·      Prizes given at the Agricultural Fair in Cookshire

·      Volunteer at the library

·      Participated in Remembrance Day ceremonies

·      Group exhibit at local fair

·      Members entered handicrafts at local fairs

·      Special celebration for 100th Anniversary of Compton County WI.

·      Valentines given to Seniors' Home, to Veterans Hospital, and to shut-ins

·      Held a picnic at the Lake

·      Lunch out in December

·      Ditty bags collected for children at Camp Amy Molson and for the battered women's shelter

·      Argenteuil County hosts a soup luncheon and bake sale

·      Members help serve breakfast in local schools, others gave donations

·      Participate in card playing, line dancing, exercises, yoga, bowling, walking, and quilting

·      Plaque presented to top Grade 6 student in the school

·      Bursaries given to high school graduates

·      Participated in Past Presidents Essay competition

·      Prizes given at the adult learning center in memory of Ann MacLeish

·      History book was written and published for Hemmingford 's 100th anniversary

·      Soup labels collected for a school

·      360 finger puppets made for the emergency room at the Barrie Memorial Hospital

·      Donations made to school library and to hospitals

·      Prepared a letter in support of school board elections

·      Reworked resolution on Neonicotinoids

·      Had fun realizing that a lot can be learned by using each of your five senses — tasting, hearing, seeing, smelling and touching

·      Donations collected to purchase school supplies for local students

·      Money given to help with a Christmas dinner, a meal at Halloween, and for end-of-year prizes

·      Started a book club within the group

·      Served Tea at the Wales Home

·      Learned how to hook rugs

·      Had a group Garage Sale

·      Put a WI float in the Canada Day parade

·      Held a cookie exchange

·      Financial help given to the 4-H club

·      Items donated to the school craft and bake sale in Grenville

·      Money given to the food bank

·      School supplies packed in shoe boxes and sent to needy African children

·      Enjoyed a Car Rally and summer outing

·      Each new year begins with a public information day

·      Students at ASJ in Thetford Mines Sold cookies

·      Brought in wool items for children in elementary school

·      Quiz concerning prices in 1970

·      A poem read at every meeting

·      Huguette Blais' son graduated with honours from Bishop's University

·      Christmas wreaths made by Flora MacNaulfor for a fund raiser at ASL High School

·      Performance awards in memory of Mrs. Lois Marshall were presented to 3 students

·      Rawdon school winners in the essay competition received certificates and a cash prize

·      Certificates and cash awards were given to Kalvin Sweeney-Levesque and Coralye St. Andre, each with an average of 85% and plans to continue their education

·      Over 600 graduates attended Bishop's convocation

·      Donation given to Lennoxville Elementary School for Special Education Project

·      Present book prizes for reading for all grades

·      Essay competition promoted in all schools, including the Gesgapegiag Reserve School

·      Supports LIFE Association which provides care for mentally and physically challenged adults and also runs a summer day camp