2014 ED and PD

Highlights of QWI Education and Personal Development, 2014


·       Former high school teacher, principal and organizer of SEVEC (Society for Education, Visits and Exchanges in Canada), Barry McGowan, told of 2014 exchange between Quebec and Alberta at the Tim Horton's camps in Quyon and Kananaskis

·       Together groups visited Jane Toiler's Restaurant in Fort Coulonge to hear Hailey Campbell, Quebec winner of the Peace Gardens Scholarship, speak about her experiences

·       Information day had

o   Education - Charlene Graham on how to write a short book

o   Environment - Keni Richardson

o   History of Spruceholme

·       Jane Toiler— Coordinator of "The Eaton Valley Community Learning Center" told of its mission, contributions to surrounding communities, and upcoming video conferences

·       Aidants Naturels — explained support programs for caregivers

·       Heard about textiles and clothing from other countries

·       Marlene Stukey — talked about bike trip in Africa and a safari

·       New research on Neonicotinoids

·       Nurses shared experiences in Dominican Republic with students

·       Speaker talked about her family's 10-month world trip

·       Canadian Veteran shared his thoughts

·       Retired principal explained changes in education since he starting teaching

·       Member shared information on the poppy


·       Visited elderly community member and shut-ins

·       Visited the local museum

·       Toured a new facility for Continuing Education

·       Breakfast at a local restaurant and a restaurant meeting

·       Attended the QWI Rally in Shigawake, Gaspe County

·       Attended a play

·       Took a walking tour of historical Valleyfield

·       Viewed exhibit on Textile History in Quebec

·       Enjoyed lunch, prepared by students at the Huntingdon Learning Center, and at Lasalle Culinary School

·       Visited Alyson Champs art studio to see collage technique


·       English School Boards — protected by the charter but changes are expected. Voter turnout very low.

·       Quiz which highlighted changes in education

·       Benefits on drinking tea and coffee

·       How dates for Passover and Easter are determined

·       Book review of King Leopold' Ghost by Adam Hochschild

·       With new technology, what is going to happen to our social skills?

·       Care of plants and gardening

·       Local plans for a new medical clinic, and a new community hall

·       Student exchange with local and Cree students

·       Anti bullying program led by Dr. S.E. McDowell

·       "Finding Success through Failure" as described by Olympian, Adam Kruks.

·       ALS, "Ice Bucket Challenge", a thing of hope

·       McDowell Parents save the school

·       Guelph University closing Kempville and Alfred facilities

·       Aging—changes and expectations

·       Development of cameras used in space, as a member's son is working on this

·       Some new recycle centers take electronics — for locations www.recyclemyelectronics.ca


·       Articles entered in County Fairs individually and as a group

·       Donated apples to schools, non perishable foods for Christmas baskets, monetary gifts to charitable organizations, school supplies to elementary students as well as socks, articles for cancer bags, money and nonperishable foods for local food banks

·       Sponsored awards at Polyvalent, High Schools and Elementary Schools, some in memory of members

·       Honoured student winning award from Habitat for Humanity

·       Book prizes, bursaries, scholarships, student loans, and Essay Contest winners were financially acknowledged

·       Wreaths were laid at Cenotaphs and the QWI Cairn

·       Donations given for Christmas dinners for children unable to receive this otherwise

·       Members help in schools serving breakfast

·       Had a "Tea Room" at the local fair, also a Strawberry Social, and a booth

·       Volunteered at local libraries

·       Held a silent auction

·       Distributed cookies and cards for Valentines

·       Attended Reader's Theater

·       Played Bean Bag and Horse Shoe games

·       Donations given to victims of tragedies and to Vimy Place, a home for handicapped adults, to QWI medical project, to Gaspe County 75th Anniversary, to Agriculture Society, to Port Daniel School

·       A free Halloween dinner was provided to students from Kindergarten to Level 6

·       Monetary prizes were donated for two categories at the local Agriculture fair

·       Members serve on local school Governing Board and provide judges as needed for local events

·       Branch entertains at a senior’s residence with music and fruit breads

·       Picnic at the lake

·       County hosts a soup luncheon and bake sale to raise funds

·       Shoe box filling for under privileged children

·       Members participate in card playing, line dancing, exercises, bowling, square dancing, walking and quilting

·       Supported a student's trip

·       Participate in Remembrance Day services and Canada Day activities

·       Made finger puppets for local hospital to be given to children as they wait

·       Collected plastic bottle caps and metal tabs for Shriners.

·       Aim to learn or relearn traditional crafts and exhibit these in local fairs

·       Inform members about local history and tourist attractions

·       Involved with local senior community

·       New school principal welcomed

·       Christmas wreaths made to help local school, cookie dough purchased by members

·       Held a music concert with entries judged

·       Supported school Foundations and the county’s Ann MacLeish Bursary