2013 ED and PD

Highlights of QWI Education and Personal Development, 2013


·      The privileges of seniors

·      Body care

·      Products made from lavender

·      Grapes grown for winery

·      New CAP building opened in the spring

·      Knitted Izzy dolls for children in war torn areas

·      4-H speaker told of 100th anniversary in 2013

·      Steps followed to acquire a Young Entrepreneurs grant

·      Teaching adults to read

·      Commemorations celebrating the 400th anniversary of Samuel Champlain's trip up the Ottawa River

·      Botanical Gardens

·      Vocational Training Center courses were described

·      Police spoke on how to protect against fraud and home invasions

·      Bus tour of Scotland, and bike tour of Europe each resulted in slide shows and commentaries

·      Entertained by Mummers — a Newfoundland cultural tradition


·      Tour of "Guild des Tisserands du Suroit" -- history and demonstration of

·      Weaving

·      Toured a Valleyfield Cathedral

·      Attended two plays preformed locally

·      Visited Adult Education Center and met with Nursing teachers


·      Remembrance Day quiz

·      Letter from a WW I veteran requesting more soldiers and higher pay ($1.10 per hr.)

·      Cyprus history and current situation in European Union

·      Syria's ongoing problems and history

·      Military students must now attend French schools

·      CASA and the Eastern Shores School Board have begun a small motors program

·      York River Community Hall opened

·      The Micmac band have sold the old Fish Hatchery and buildings

·      Gaspe Polyvalent granted 8.4 teachers for 2013-14

·      Aboriginal theme to student's public display of art work

·      DVD titled Gaspe Memories was launched covering industries and human aspects along the coast

·      Substantial cuts to school boards already felt by bus drivers

·      The Gaspe Polyvalent has an enrollment of 77

·      Spring flooding in York has resulted in a new rink house and rink boards

·      Stringent guidelines are required to prevent organic foods from containing any trace of genetically modified produce

·      Benefits of insects and animals in our gardens

·      International Peace Garden

·      Arthritis effects 1 in 5 people

·      Health benefits from dandelions

·      Signs of heart attack different for men and women

·      Changes to university quotas for teachers' education in Ontario

·      Good excuses for why homework is not done

·      Strange epitaphs from graveyards in England from 1700's

·      Canada's great inventions

·      Gardening tips

·      Seriousness of bullying

·      Changes in education system

·      Lack of doctors in the province and waiting times in the hospitals

·      Why stores contain so much imported food

·      Homework and parental involvement

·      Bishop's University Refugee Sponsorship Fund held a Charity Fashion Show

·      The Mae Sot Education project saw volunteers assisting in migrant schools in Thailand

·      The St. Francis Valley Naturalists' Club sponsors educational tours of elementary

·      schools teaching about environment

·      Nearsightedness in children may be a result of "computer vision syndrome"

·      Eye exams should be scheduled before starting kindergarten, as each school year begins, and if behaviour indicates a problem

·      Bursaries


·      Operated a Tea Room at the local fair

·      Group exhibit at the fair

·      Donated prizes to the fair exhibitors

·      Sent handicrafts to convention

·      Special awards, bursaries and scholarships given

·      Supported Women's shelters

·      Donated articles for cancer bags

·      Placed wreath for Remembrance Day

·      Sold Vesey's seeds and bulbs

·      Scrapbook page competition featuring WI memorabilia

·      Made Seamen's Boxes and artistic boxes for pocket money

·      Attended and helped at essay contest meetings, Fair meetings, Volunteer dinners and jumble sales

·      Donated to the school Breakfast program

·      Member acted as photographer for High School graduation in Thetford Mines

·      Christmas wreaths made to help with annual fund raiser at local school

·      Homemade recipe for cleaning showers (1/2 cup vinegar & 1/2 cup dish soap)

·      Supported citrus fruit fund raiser

·      Socks given to elementary school

·      Pontiac County celebrated 100th anniversary

·      Donations given to Pontiac archives, and to a local hospital

·      Participated in County fund raisers

·      Enjoyed a Car Rally

·      Served lunch at a wedding as a fund raiser

·      Donated school supplies to elementary students in need

·      Gave apples to both elementary and high school students

·      Non-perishable items donated for Christmas food baskets

·      Hosted a games night for members

·      Local restaurants patronized for meetings

·      Attended and participated in the Community School

·      Book prizes given to local French and English Elementary Schools

·      Apples and cookies donated to local Youth Homes

·      Donations given to school to provide Christmas dinner for those not able to afford it

·      Sponsor School Fair, judge gardens and award prizes

·      Celebrated 90th anniversary of Bonaventure County and 65th anniversary of Marcil Branch

·      Donated money to provide free Hallowe'en dinner to all students in local school

·      A member sits on Governing Board of school

·      Public speaking supported with judges and prizes

·      Supports Student Loan Fund providing interest free loans to former students as they continue their education

·      Made gift cards

·      Finger puppets made for children visiting the hospital or medical center

·      Donations given to school libraries

·      Helped support a school field trip

·      Participated in Remembrance Day services

·      Enjoyed a quiz on QWI

·      Held a large garage sale to be able to donate to school snack program, and to give three bursaries

·      Donations given to the local 4-H Clubs

·      Awards were given to the most improved students in various categories

·      Money given for Special Needs Children

·      Certificates and support given for participation in Past President essay competition