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2015 Agri

Highlights of 2015 QWI Agricultural Report


Non-Dairy Alternatives

·       Moove over dairy, not all cow milk alternatives are created equal.

·       Does that tall glass of milk not agree with you like it used to? For many people, the ability to digest lactose, or milk sugar declines as we get older which can lead to abdominal cramps, bloating and gas.

·       The good news there are more non dairy alternatives we can use; Such as Almond milk, Cashew milk, Rice milk, Hemp milk, Coconut milk, Soy milk.

GMO’S genetically modified organisms,

·       MO fears do not translate to the average Consumer

·       Most Canadians not informed about GMO. 

Wild turkeys

·       Turkeys gone wild; farmer’s reported damage to fields, and buildings, also silage bags

·       Heap silos completely empty and contaminated by turkey’s droppings.

Trip to England

·       pointed out farming industry, France noted for their wine, England for dairy, sheep, horses, sunflowers seeds,

Horses and sports

·       2015 at Pan Am Games had a local rider COLLEEN LOACH for a Bronze medal as well as one of four riders jumping on the event team.

St Albert Cheese factory (east of Ottawa)

·       Toronto Sun and Farmers forum articles were presented in reference to the reconstruction of the ST ALBERT Cheese factory which burned in 2013.

·       The factory is now 30% larger and the store 3 to 4 times the size

·       Processes 50 million litres of local milk a year and10 batches of cheese a day.

·       Read more:

Stink Bugs

·       are pests that infest tomato plants and destroy fruit

·       they are 200 species in North America.

·       wash plants daily with water, or solution of water and vegetable oil or lavender.

·       If winter is mild, bugs will continue to be active. 

·       Japanese beetles are identified by their bright metallic green head and thorax metallic brown.

·       The bugs will affect trees; Elm, Maple, Apple, grape vine, peach, apricot, corn, asparagus, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

·       Pine beetles (DENDOCTRONE) affect grey pine, red pine in Alberta

Purple food

·       Contains anthocyanin which are health promoting chemicals that help protect cells and heal your body.

·       Purple carrots, purple cauliflower and beans play an active role in promoting eyes and heart health, decreasing cancer cells. 


·       Townships dairy producers protest at Stanstead border crossing protesting against the laws allowing non-Canadian dairy across the border to enter Canada.

·       Gardening by the moon.

·       Backyard and layer composting, short how-to’s

·       Growing unusual shaped vegetables and fruit, like watermelons and pumpkins grown in crates to form squares for easy packing.

·       Articles were exhibited at our annual fair: hearty vegetables, mouth watering cooking as well as craft and literature items.

·       History of Tea.

·       Modern milking robots.

·       Report on women in agriculture.

·       Humorous reading on agriculture.

·       Many problems concerning farming community.

·       Benefits of beets,

·       Milkweed grown in Eastern Quebec and used to produce a milkweed textile which is sent to USA to make high quality sportswear.