2014 QWI Agriculture Mottos

• Bless the hands that plough, sow, reap and bake cakes.
• He who plants a tree, plants hope.
• If you don't have any wrinkles you haven't laughed enough.
• Take time to plan. It is the secret of many things even our own garden.
• Conserve energy and save dollars.
Face the sun and you won't see the shadows.
• Grandfather had a farm, his son has a garden, and his grandson has a can opener.
• The difference between a flower and a weed is your judgement.
• Love what you have, need what you want, accept what you revive;
give what you can always remember what goes around comes around.
• Happiness is like jam, you can spread a little without getting any on yourself.

Roll Calls

• What do you find hard to understand when buying food?
• Share a fall gardening tip.
• How do you save water at your house?
• You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm!
• What is your favorite variety of Quebec apples?
• Name a root plant and how to cook it.
• Share a Valentine Memory.
• What do you have on hand to serve the unexpected guest?
• What veggies do we eat now that we did not have as children?
• Are you a farmer or a descendant of a family farm?
• You never miss the water until the well goes dry.