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2014 Agri

Highlights of 2014 QWI Agricultural Report


2014 International Year of family farming

·       was declared by the United Food and Agriculture organization.

·       Family farms are the stewards of our heritage.

·       These families who make their living practicing the difficult profession of farming need to have spotlight turned on them.


·       nature’s fast food made in three minutes. The best three minutes meal nature provided.


·       members have made many friends from different parts of the province and across the country.

·       Around the world 4-H help youth to improve practical skills and leadership and share their passion.

Food safety – Disposal of Carcus

·       can lead to criminal law for cattle farmers.

·       The animals have to be disposed within 48 hours:

o   A-By incineration

o   B-By rendering plant

o   C- By farm burial following rules. The rules are not within 20 yards of flood plain of watercourse.

o   The bottom of excavation must be above water table and covered with quick lime or chemical product and over top of the animal.

o   In case the FSR rules are not followed the farmer can be fined between $5000 to $15,000$ for repeated offence.


·       display with the use of different size glasses and tulips and daffodils

·       learned that daffodils should never be mixed with other flowers as they emit a poisonous gas that will kill other flowers


·       breeders in Cobden had multiple wins at the Royal Agricultural winter fair

·       the five top spots in November 2013

Want a wife -- get a robot

·       With the advent of robotic milkers and feeders in barn, video cameras and other high-tech methods, farmers have more time to spend with their family

International plowing match of 2015

·       will be held in Finch Ontario

·       horses, antiques, tractors, dancing,

·       Quilt show

·       Performances by first nation dancers.

·       Celtic music and many more.

Canadian horse breeds

·       date back to the original settlers of New France’s strong workhorses.

·       They excel in all kinds of competition.

Invasive beetle

·       poses threat to Canada Maple trees.

·       Red flag in New England and southeastern Canada

·       potential long term impact of the beetle on our colorful fall foliage that brings tourism to these regions and on the Maple syrup industry -- Quebec produces 80%

·       The harm is inflicted during the insect’s larva stage; could kill trees

·       represented a serious threat to Canada’s natural forests.

·       Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) declared the Asian Long-horned Beetle has been successfully eradicated from Canada in April 2013. See the news release update:

170 Anniversary of the local Agriculture Society

·       celebrating the 170 Anniversary of the local Agriculture Society founded in1845.

·       They invited all WI members to participate as they have in the past.

·       Local poster competition organized to celebrate rural nutrition for CANADA’S, 2015 National nutrition month.


·       Rules —Laws involving farm equipment and vehicles

·       Porcine epidemic and diarrhea in Monteregie

·       Information concerning the 100 anniversary of experimental farm Lennoxville.

·       Pesticides are killing our butterflies and honey bees.

·       Defending parsnips : A vegetable used many years ago for health benefits.

·       At what grocery store do you usually shop?

·       Beef prices are very high right now and will remain for few more years.

·       A Grandson of Q.W.I. member was recognized for seed grain he used to plant for feed.

·       Thetford Mines school gardens where they study plant seeds and then bring to Fair to be judged for vegetables

·       Radish tops used in soups and sautés.

·       Potatoes have more potassium than a banana 45% of your recommended daily value for vitamin c, 6% dv of iron, 6% dv of fiber ,and 10% dv vitamin B6.

·       The WI members of Argenteuil were very involved in the 4-H local achievement day. Articles concerning agriculture were read

·       Foundations for Farming Canada were founded in Sherbrooke.

·       Production of Ginseng in Ontario

·       Are bananas beneficial?

·       Home composting.

·       Winter mattresses for dairy cows