Aims and Objectives of the Quebec Women's Institute

a) To encourage the development of Canadian agriculture and to stress the importance of agriculture, conservation and a clean environment worldwide;

b) To raise the standard of homemaking, to maintain the traditions of handicrafts and to encourage the production and use of Canadian-made goods;

c) To promote education for all and an awareness of educational legislation;

d) To teach and promote Canadian citizenship and international relationships; to assist new Canadians to adapt to their environment;

e) To promote the health and welfare of all citizens;

f) To publicize the aims and objectives of the Quebec Women’s Institute (QWI);

g) To organize, form and establish new branches of the QWI throughout the province of Quebec and to assist and co-ordinate the membership and activities of existing local branches.

Our Motto

"For Home and Country"

Our Logos

The QWI Pin

The Quebec Tartan

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