Game Mechanics

Red Alert has an amazing shallow learning curve for such an immersive game. Designed to be easy to learn and difficult to master, Red Alert can keep even veteran players interested. While missions vary dramaticaly throughout the single player campaign, there is a much smaller selection of multiplayer matches, by default. However, Red Alert ships a map editor that the online community has used to create a massive wealth of new and fun scenarios.

One of Red Alerts more revolutionary ideas was balanced sides. While this seems obvious to us now, Red Altert is the first game to have gotten it right, with the Allies and the Soviets weilding radically different units and strengths. Even better, Red Alert has a full blown "Checks and Balances" style system, while the Allies are the undisputed rulers of the sea with powerful crusiers and warships, but without destroyers to protect from the vicious Russian submarines, they are no more use then a great fireworks show.

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An In-Game Screenshot.