Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Reviewed By: Kevin Kubasik

Studio: Westwood Studios

Starting Price: $34.99

Release Date: 1996

Game Overview

Red Alert is the sequal to its massivly popular predecessor, Command & Conquer: Gold. A truely genre defining game, Red Alert was the first truely successful and profitable Real Time Strategy, in fact, at 12 Million sales worldwide, it still holds the title, by the skin of its teeth, against Blizzards Starcraft.  

The game is set is an alternate reality, as Albert Einsten invents a time travel device called the 'Chronosphere'. Upon its completion, he travels back in time, and kidnaps Adolf Hitler, effectivly preventing the Second World War. However, it quickly becomes apparent that as brilliant as Einsten was, he couldn't predict everything. Stalin's USSR becomes enourmously powerful and soon enough, agressive.

With China and most of east asia under soviet control, the nearly unstoppable might of Stalin's Red Army turns its attention to Europe.

A as a commander with the Allies, you must first prove your worth to your superiors, but given the pressing concern over a Soviet invasion, its not long before your out commanding troops. As the war escilates, you must resort to covert ops, time travel, and even nuclear weapons if you wish to gain the upper hand!

Predictably, as with almost every game from the Command & Conquer series, you play both sides throughout the campaign,  and have the same choice when engaging in a multiplayer match.

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