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Your visions never come true, usually they are opposite to reality, but don't worry. 

 Welcome to another Site from Quatrux, this time at Google Pages.

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  • I will never make the same mistake.
  • I will find a way, my way.
  • Have you ever said ? I won't ?
  • I continue to make the same mistakes.
  • I can't help it, I am like that.
  • When I will be there, listen to me.
  • The weakness of my hope,
  • Is something I really don't need.
  • What I am supposed to do ?
  • I shut the door and runaway,
  • Is this right ? I don't care.


  • Suicide is not the way,
  • But I can't find another way.
  • Walking out alone, no way to go.
  • Don't know what to do,
  • Don't know where to look.
  • Visions create the path,
  • Dreams show the path,
  • Reality makes me disappoint of my path.
  • My life is passing by,
  • I can't catch my train, I'm always late.
  • Standing on the shore with no hope,
  • When will my train arrive ?
  • How long I will be waiting ?
  • I am empty, I am gone..


  • Alone as water in the sea,
  • Waves carrying the sewage.
  • I am to pure to be carried.
  • No one wants me, even the birds.
  • I want to drown, I can't.
  • I want to swim, I can't.
  • I want to dive, I can't.
  • I don't want to wait, I can.
  • I don't want to, I can.
  • I never wanted, I did.
  • No solution to choose from,
  • No way to reach my objective.
  • Put a mask, close the door,
  • Forget your life forever.

  If you had another vision, it means something, so go on and continue even if you..

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