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If you feel no pain that means you're dead. Pain is our condition, our mood and our life. 

 Welcome to another Site from Quatrux, this time at Google Pages.

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  • The time has come and here I am.
  • Why should I give you my hand ?
  • I could never turn to you again.
  • I can't trust you anymore.
  • I am sinking, drowning fast.
  • I want you to come with me,
  • I like to see you fucking TRY!
  • Silence are for the weak,
  • Avoidance are for the lost,
  • You die in my eyes.
  • What I mean to you ? WHAT ?!


  • I opened my mind and got scared.
  • Darken by my entire life,
  • Scared about the Future,
  • Never want to hear another "No" again.
  • I celebrate the holocaust, 
  • I am the one to be gone,
  • I am the victim of it, but alive.
  • Life is not pleasant, death hurts a lot.
  • Avoiding the public, thinking of myself.
  • There is no escape from this, fear, regret..
  • Visions of love and hate, behind my eyes.
  • I wish I didn't know that.
  • Memories punish me once again.
  • I always wonder what might have been..


  • Searching for the path.
  • Finding nothing what I want.
  • Trying to forget the future and the past.
  • I don't think this is my way,
  • I wasn't born for this. I need more TIME!
  • My trust and loyalty is pure,
  • But is is worthless, no one wants it.
  • Nobody needs it, I don't need it myself.
  • I want to live another life.

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  Forget the pain and don't worry about it, time will heal it, but now continue.

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