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Your feelings is your feelings, it is hard to show them to someone that they would understand. 

 Welcome to another Site from Quatrux, this time at Google Pages.

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  • This words are my forgiveness,
  • For myself, for you.
  • Did you hear that ? that sound ?
  • Does it mean anything for You ?
  • The sadness of knifed heart.. my heart,
  • Your Knife.
  • I fear what lies ahead.
  • I still have your knife.
  • I keep your things in paradise,
  • I don't know why I am doing this.
  • But I feel temples rising in my heart,
  • They fall when they rise.
  • So I will cut my heart,
  • Goodbye forever and Sorry.


  • Feelings, above, beneath. Behind.
  • They change, they continue and freeze.
  • My thoughts fall as tears,
  • My strength runs away, far away.
  • I can't feel myself,
  • I can't understand myself,
  • I don't know what I have become.
  • I hate myself, I love myself.
  • I want to suffer, I want to feel pain.
  • I hate to feel good, I want to be evil.
  • I don't like myself, when I am evil,
  • I don't like when I am good.
  • No emotions, no devotions..
  • Take my hand, love me.

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  • When I close my eyes,
  • I see the mankind die.
  • When I open my eyes,
  • I see the mankind dead.
  • Everything must stop,
  • Reality must sleep and dream.
  • Dreams must come true,
  • Please, God, at least for a while ?
  • Where I could  take a deep breath,
  • Under the oak, together and forever.
  • Feeling the grass and much more.
  • Smiling and being happy, a pure moment.
  • My dream is over, I have lost it..
  • Lost it forever, no control.

  No one is worth of your feelings, unless it has the feelings for you too, don't give up to search.

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