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Dreams are just your imagination, but they can show you something you did not understand. 

 Welcome to another Site from Quatrux, this time at Google Pages.

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  • I went far away from you,
  • But someday we will meet again,
  • Crying and laughing together.
  • But the wounds in my soul..
  • Never could be healed again,
  • There is a lot of what to forget.
  • I admit I can't reach my happiness.
  • It is to far away, it is gone.
  • I can't feel it, but I remember it.
  • My thoughts are pain for me,
  • My thoughts are my success.
  • Thoughts are useless as deeds.
  • Forget, forget everything..
  • Nothing left anymore.
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  • I call it unreal, I call it..
  • The mirage which they call life,
  • Hovering in you, is pathetic.
  • Brainwashing..
  • Flashback..
  • Nothing is worth it,
  • Wake up, destroy the mirage.
  • Be dead in their world, be alive in our world.
  • The Satan is waiting for you!
  • You can ask why, but I don't have an answer.
  • Nothing is true, everything is false.
  • The God forgot you, the Satan needs You!


  • Withdrawn out of my dreams,
  • Get away somewhere else,
  • I hate you, I want to kill you.
  • Your head will be in my arm,
  • Your body will be burning hot.
  • Birds and flowers will decorate your palace.
  • And you, don't remember us anymore too.
  • We are independent and we don't need you.
  • You left us to suffer, now you will be the one,
  • to suffer the loneliness and this pain.
  • You forgot us, now we will forget you.

  If you are dreaming a lot, you're lucky and also very unlucky, so just read uppon you dream.

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