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To die is to understand why we are living, but it is always to late, to late we get mature.

 Welcome to another Site from Quatrux, this time at Google Pages.

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  • I feel am dying, above you.
  • I dream I am flying, far away.
  • Even if you trying, to stop me.
  • There is no way back, no way.
  • I feel so close now..
  • He is waiting for me, down there,
  • I will kill him with my own hands,
  • Someone has to do it, it's me.
  • I am sorry for the pain.


  • I am dreaming for the blind.
  • My visions are for the blind.
  • I try to murder the blind.
  • I am blind, I am frozen.
  • My frozen tears, my blind pain.
  • What is my destiny ?
  • Maybe I always knew,
  • That my dreams would be broken.
  • I feel like pain again, empty.

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  • I trusted you to much, to much.
  • I gave you to much, to much.
  • I knew you lied, I resumed.
  • I always knew, my broken visions,
  • are empty as my pain, pathetic pain.
  • I am dying faster, but nothing lasts for me,
  • I can damn you, but I have to laugh,
  • So you better watch your back, I am evil.
  • Nothing left, but to kill myself again.
  • Yes, I am falling, how much longer ?
  • I am pissed off of my condition,
  • I am pathetic as our opposition.

  After death you will still find your path, no matter who will help you, but continue

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