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The Questions you should think of and never answer is your own Questions.

 Welcome to another Site from Quatrux, this time at Google Pages.

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  • What is this ?
  • Who are You ?
  • Do you wonder why I prefer to be alone ?
  • I have realized what I could have been.
  • I am coming to an end.
  • I admit I've lost control.
  • Lost control..

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  • In my eyes you're alive.
  • In my dreams you're dead.
  • I can't do, what you do.
  • I don't want, what you want.
  • In your eyes, I am evil.
  • In your dreams, I am nothing.
  • I see myself, empty.
  • No matter what I do,
  • No matter what I say,
  • I can't change what happened.

  The first page is over, but don't worry there is always another page to continue to. 

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