This is an early name for the mountain Fanuidhol "Cloudyhead", which later became Bundushathûr in Khuzdul. It obviously shares inbar with Barazinbar. Early on, Tolkien had named the three mountains of Moria as BarazinbarZirakinbar, <and> Udushinbar. This is found on an isolated note, The Treason of Isengard, pg 432. He might have planned that they could have been thought of as something like "the three horns of Moria". This convention was later discarded in favor of giving each peak a different type of pinnacle; a horn, a tine, and a head. Perhaps this was to give more personality to each of them. Caradhras (Barazinbar) is described in The Lord of the Rings as almost having its own sentient identity. The different names would have helped to shape this.  Because it was completely replaced, we will ignore it for our uses.