Ibun, Khîm, & Mîm

These are names of Petty-dwarves. They were from Amon Rudh, which in Khuzdul is called Sharbhund. Mîm was the decendant of the Petty Dwarves who first made their home at Amon Rudh. Ibun and Khîm were his sons. They are the only examples we have of the names of Petty-dwarves. Durin's Folk and the other kindreds employed "outer names" for use with folk of other races. In the 3rd Age, Durin's Folk took these from the languages of the neighboring cultures. Speculation has been made that the Petty-dwarves were in part reviled from the rest of Dwarven society because they used their true names among other races. Thus, "Ibun", "Khîm", & "Mîm" may also be true names used by other Dwarves.