About Us

Quarter Mile LLC is dedicated to provide a variety of merchandise and apparel, originated by fans from all types of racing interests.

The Quarter Mile Logo 
Quarter Mile - (402 meters ; 1320 feet)
The best known measure for a length of track to race from a standing start which allows three factors to affect the outcome of the race: reaction time, torque, and traction.

The abbreviation for Mile in the English language is "mi" and the logo is designed so that a total of one-quarter of the area for the two characters is distinguished and separated from the remaining area.  Therefore, recognition is established and colored as a QUARTER MILE.   

There is a proverb to not judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.  The Motto for Quarter Mile is similar but with a focus on self reflection.

Motto :  Measure your Life in Distance journeyed.   (MyLiDj)

So as a bit of added humor - do not only ask, "what is your age?", but "what is your mile-age?"

A Life measured in time, distance, actions and through those we have an impact on while on our journey, no matter how brief or lasting.