Western Horseman Legends series


The western Horseman Legends series are designed to capture and preserve the history of the American Quarter Horse by profiling the breed's most-influential stallions and mares.

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By Diane C. Simmons.

Profiles of some of the early-day legends of the Quarter Horse breed. Chapter titles: Wimpy P-1; Peppy; King P-234; Poco Bueno; Poco Tivio; King Fritz; Three Bars (TB); Doc Bar; Barbra B; Chicaro Bill; Queenie; Joe Hancock; Cowboy P-12; Shue Fly; Hard Twist; Hollywood Gold; Bert; Top Deck (TB); Go Man Go; Depth Charge (TB); Plaudit; Quick M Silver; Star Duster; Joe Reed P-3; Leo; Profile: Diane C. Simmons; References. 168 pages.

Legends, Volume 2

By Jim Goodhue, Frank Holmes, Phil Livingston, and Diane C. Simmons.

The second volume of the Legends series, focusing on more outstanding Quarter Horse stallions and mares. Chapter titles: Traveler; Old Joe Bailey; Gonzales Joe Bailey; Lucky Blanton; Peter McCue; Midnight; Midnight Jr; Grey Badger II; Skipper W; Oklahoma Star; Oklahoma Star Jr.; Driftwood; Jessie James; King's Pistol; My Texas Dandy; Clabber; Rocket Bar (TB); Lightning Bar; Sugar Bars; Moon Deck; Jet Deck; Lena's Bar; Easy Jet; Author Profiles; Photo Index; References. 192 pages.

Legends, Volume 3

By Diane Ciarloni, Jim Goodhue, Kim Guenther, Frank Holmes, Betsy Lynch, and Larry Thornton.

More profiles of the stallions and mares that built the Quarter Horse breed. Chapter titles: Steel Dust; Old Sorrel; Flying Bob; Maddon's Bright Eyes; Showdown; Royal King; Jackstraw (TB); Piggin String (TB); Poco Lena; Poco Pine; Poco Dell; Quo Vadis; Question Mark; Two Eyed Jack; Mr Gun Smoke; Hollywood Jac 86; Author Profiles; Notes; Photo Index. 208 pages.

Legends, Volume 4

By Mike Boardman, Diane Ciarloni, Alan Gold, Jim Goodhue, Sally Harrison, Frank Holmes, Betsy Lynch, A.J. Mangum, Susan Scarberry, and Larry Thornton.

Profiles of 17 influential Quarter Horse stallions and mares: Blondy's Dude, Dash For Cash, Diamonds Sparkle, Doc O'Lena, Ed Echols, Fillinic, Harlan, Impressive, Lady Bug's Moon, Miss Bank, Miss Princess/Woven Web (TB), Rebel Cause, Tonto Bars Hank, Vandy, Zan Parr Bar, Zantanon, Zippo Pine Bar. 216 pages.

Legends, Volume 5

By Sally Harrison, Frank Holmes, Alan Gold, Ty Wyant

Profiles of 18 influential Quarter Horse stallions and mares: Little Joe, Joe Moore, Monita, Bill Cody, Joe Cody, Topsail Cody, Pretty Buck, Pat Star Jr., Skipa Star, Hank H, Chubby, Bartender, Leo San, Çustus Rastus (TB), Jaguar, Jackie Bee, Chicado V, and Mr. Bar None. 248 pages.


Legends, Volume 6

By Patricia Campbell, Sally Harrison, Frank Holmes, Glory Ann Kurtz, Cheryl Magoteaux, Heidi Nyland, Bev Pechan and Juli Thorson.

Another volume in the top-selling Western Horseman Legends series, this 236-page book profiles the following legendary horses: Paul A, Billietta, Casey’s Dream, Colonel Freckles, Conclusive, Coy’s Bonanza, Croton Oil, Doc Quixote, Doc’s Prescription, Dynamic Deluxe, Flit Bar, Freckles Playboy, Great Pine, Jewels Leo Bar, Major Bonanza, Mr San Peppy, Okie Leo, Peppy San, Speedy Glow and The Invester.

Legends, Volume 7

By Frank Holmes, Glory Ann Kurtz, Cheryl Magoteaux, Bev Pechan, Honi Roberts, Heather Smith Thomas, Juli S. Thorson.

Another volume in the top-selling Western Horseman Legends series, this 264-page book profiles the following legendary horses: Cutter Bill, Jazabell Quixote, Rey Jay, Teresa Tivio, Big Step, War Leo, Gay Bar King, Commander King, Skip A Barb, Otoe, Quincy Dan, Doc's Dee Bar, Sonny Dee Bar, Boston Mac, Peppy San Badger, Te N' Te, Doc's Oak, Rugged Lark, Mr Conclusion and Hollywood Dun It.  


Legendary Ranches

By various authors.

Legendary Ranches explores the cowboys, horses, history and traditions of North America's greatest ranches. Complete with stunning color photography. Soft cover or Hard cover. 240 pages. 



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